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    How to fix issue between AMD drivers and Windows Internet Explorer


      I have narrowed a problem down to between Internet Explorer and AMD.  My problem surfaced when I kept getting Internet Explorer Stopped working popup.  The issue goes away when I uninstall all AMD catalyst drivers.  The windows event viewer reports:



      "Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.9600.18124, time stamp: 0x5641278d


      Faulting module name: atidxx32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x522fd07a


      Exception code: 0xc0000005


      Fault offset: 0x00072e57


      Faulting process id: 0x6f8


      Faulting application start time: 0x01d231a01f599bd5


      Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE


      Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\atidxx32.dll


      Report Id: a24581a3-9d93-11e6-be91-78e3b5bc1800


      Faulting package full name:"



      When I remove the AMD software and files atidxx32.dll and atidxx64.dll, the problem goes away.  Then Microsoft will indicate that I have an optional update to install, and as soon as I do, the two files which I removed reappear, and so does the internet explorer stopping to work issue.  So the problem is either with AMD or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  The update which does not have an update number is listed as "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc - Graphics Adapter WDDM 1.3 -AMD Radeon HD 7560D."  This optional update has a size of 114.7 MB.  The strange thing is that when these files are installed and the internet explorer error occurs, the faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\atidxx32.dll.  There is one problem with this report.  System32 folder is intended for 64 bit and atidxx32.dll is 32 bit.  Further the file in System32 when the error occurs is atidxx64.dll.  The file atidxx32.dll is located in the syswow64 folder which is for 32 bit items.  There seems to be a bad update from Microsoft or bad software from AMD, or Internet Explorer is hosed.  I have actually restored my system over 10 times from Original Recovery discs.  My system was originally an HP P7-1587cb PC.  It came preloaded with windows 8.  The graphics adapter is listed as AMD Radeon HD 7560D and appears to be integrated within the system.  I have restored my system to windows 8, then installed all the updates, including the windows free 8.1 update.  The problem with the Internet Explorer stopping is occurring both in the pre-upgrade windows 8 (IE10) and the updated version windows 8.1 (IE11).  At this point, I believe I may be getting an incorrect AMD update or a corrupted one from Microsoft, and I need help identifying the correct version I should have, and how to install it, if this turns out to be my problem.  Is there anyone that has experience with this problem or a suggested solution?

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          I had the same issue with Win7 and Win8.1 recently. I solved it by removing access to IE



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            Hi Kingfish, thanks for your reply.  This issue with IE10 and IE11 "stopped working" has been a vexing issue that has been a problem on my PC for the past 7 months.  I believe I have finally narrowed the problem down to Microsoft's update program.  Instead of installing the AMD drivers and software suggested by Microsoft update, I instead removed all the AMD drivers and software I could identify from my PC.  I cleaned it up with AMD cleanup tools.  Then, instead of installing the suggested update from Microsoft, I went to the AMD web site, let them provide the drivers I need based on my system.  Lo and behold, I have been error free for 2 days now.  So, if nothing occurs in the next days, then I believe I've found the problem to be with Microsoft updates.  Now this may be unique to my system because if was a Windows 8.0 system that I upgraded (free) to windows 8.1 when Microsoft quit supporting windows 8.  All I know for sure now, is that I updated my AMD drivers from the AMD site, and haven't had this problem reoccur YET??

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              WHAT????? Microsoft doesn't create problems for their Operating Systems, that would go against logic. heheheheh Of course it is MicroSofts' problem that's what they do. All the working software and apps are given to, their " Microsoft Blacks Ops Division " to figure out a way to screw things up so we have to " Upgrade to their new offerings.

              It's hard for other companies at times to keep up with these screw-ups because they are usually kept out of the loop, so secondary companies scramble to find the code to keep their products working with Microsoft. That's what makes me mad sometimes when I see people upset with AMD, People are totally disillusioned that, "Hey Wait a minute, I only starting having most of these issues after I upgraded to W10 " " Nah.... it couldn't be that, it has to be AMD's Fault "


              Cheers, Ambrose