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HELP: How to get adapter info and operate adapter video / audio output?

Question asked by msys725 on Oct 28, 2016

I buy a W4100 card, it has 4 mini DP port(adapter), and can connects 4 display.
I want to write some function to get adapter info and operate adapter video / audio output.
I find ADL library, but I can not find functions that I need.
My functions like this.


  My card has 4 port, but ADL_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get() return 6.
  How can I get real port count?


  Get one physical port info, left-most port index is 0, and right-most port index is 3.
  The info is IsConnectDisplay, IsSupportAudio, VideoHandler, and AudioHandler.
  ADL can get how many displays is connected. how can I can know they connect to which port?
  ADL can get connect type, such as HDMI, Display Port. Does HDMI connector mean supporting audio?
  How can I get audio output device ID of each port for waveOutputOpen or other audio handle?


  Show frame in one port with video handler.
  EnumDisplaySettings can tell display rect, but display rect will change when hot plug. How can I detect hot plug?

  How to detect hot plug and re-layout video display rect? 


  Play frame in one port with audio handler.
  How to get audio output ID to call play function?