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    AMD drivers and crymson software stops working after windows 10 anniversary update!


      So yesterday i recieved anniversary update on my Windows 10. Before update i had latest amd drivers for my AMD Radeon HD8750M. I had installed latest amd crymson software and everything worked perfectly. After update i realised that game performance got worse and when i try to open amd radeon settings, it drops me an error saying that my amd drivers are not installed or they are not functioning properly. The thing is that i have all drivers installed, they are not gone, just they dont work!

      Last time i tried to fix this issue by reinstalling amd drivers that resulted in total windows crash. After that my only option was to reinstall windows again, because amd messed up everything so bad.


      Im using HP ProBook 450 G0


      Windows 10 enterprise 64-bit build 1607 OS build 14393.351

      Intel core i5-3230M CPU

      8Gb Ram

      Amd Radeon HD8750M and Intel HD4000 graphics


      I think amd just need to release update for this problem, because i dont want to mess around with uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers and windows.