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    Black screen after wake from sleep, M18x R1 AMD Radeon 8970M


      This has been an ongoing issue since the laptop first came out with the AMD 6970M card. Whenever I put the computer to sleep, it goes to sleep just fine, but refuses to wake. It stays on a blank black screen without backlight whenever I try to wake. I know for a FACT this is an AMD problem, because I've tested a variety of cards in the computer including the Intel HD 3000 (no wake issue), nVidia GTX 680M (no wake issue), nVidia GTX 780M (no wake issue), AMD Radeon 6970M (wake issue), AMD Radeon 6990M (wake issue), and AMD Radeon 8970M (wake issue)


      Please fix your drivers. I bought the 8970M for rendering schoolwork, but it's useless to me if I can't sleep and have to hard reboot every time I move classes.

      I'm willing to do whatever testing is needed.