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*IMPT* Please really look into amd drivers and fix the black screens (when idling or gaming).

Question asked by ququhang on Oct 19, 2016

Hi, i look up every forum. People have issues from 7000x to R9 series to latest amd driver including my current R9 280 and all amd products i have use in the past. Amd drivers is really buggy and this problem HAVE NOT been fix ever since i used amd cards from 2009. For e.g if i put my computer display to off/sleep, computer sometimes can't wake up (blackscreen occurs) OR when gaming it will run halfway and then same problem monitor not responding and give a black screen. EVERY setup since 2009 to date EVERY amd driver/product have this issue. PLEASE really look into this matter seriously and hopefully give a fix asap.


*I know amd is always striving to improve FPS on latest product or anything, that mindset caters to either kids or have no idea about drivers. STABILITY is always > FPS. World is about balance, applies to everything not only drivers alone. Please take this into consideration




P.S: Im posting this on behalf of all amd users who have this problem since vanilla thanks!