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Will AMD build their amdgpu-pro driver on debian?

Question asked by humroben on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by pokester

Hello everyone,


I've been a longtime linux user, where my distro of choice is Debian. I've always been using AMD graphics cards, and have had no issues with the fglrx driver available from the standard, and backports repository in Debian. With the release of the RX series, and the amdgpu-pro driver, I'm now at a loss.


Not long ago, I bought an RX 480 for my PC, but after finding out the driver was only for Ubuntu (from the amd downloads page), I was rather disappointed. I am not a huge fan of Ubuntu, due to it's tendency to break when I'm building software from source, or updating graphics drivers, and I've been using Debian since I started using linux. I'm also not a fan of gnome/unity, it's a blend of mate and cinnamon for me.


I've tried installing the Ubuntu driver on Debian (after messing with the install script), and found that I had to modify at least 15 source files in order to get the DKMS module to build. This is only because I am using the 4.7 kernel. I tried the 3.16 kernel (shipped with Debian Jessie), but this is missing a number of drm headers, making it impossible to build. I'm aware that Ubuntu 16.04 is currently using the 4.5 kernel, and I'm not able to install the 4.5 kernel, since it is no longer available in the backports repository. In the end, all I got for my efforts was a stack trace after the driver crashed following a reboot, and it now locks up my system. I can only use it in recovery mode, before it loads the graphics driver.


All I am asking, is for AMD to support Debian along with Ubuntu and the SteamOS (which both originated from Debian). If all it takes is to wait for the Debian maintainers to get this working, then I can wait. It just means I have to go back to using my R9 270X whilst I wait. Either way, it's annoying that Debian is always left out in a lot of development, even though it is an incredibly stable system, which includes using backports. I've had Debian installed on my laptop (A8 APU), and since getting past the fglrx issue, I've not had to reinstall, or fix anything since.


I would install the SteamOS, but that removes/hides everything I love about linux, and that is just not acceptable for me. I am a linux support engineer after all. I work with/on linux on a daily basis, and not just as a desktop OS. Which is why I get wound up when either developers don't consider linux full stop, or they neglect different distros.


Any information about Debian support would be amazing.


PC Specs:

AMD FX 9590

AMD RX 480

Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard


Debian 8 -- Jessie

4.7.0 Kernel