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Media Player Bug Discovered In Crimson Drivers Post 16.7.3

Question asked by blink36 on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2016 by Hardwood

Kodi the popular media center app recently made available a version that is distributed via the Windows 10 Store, this version has no feature differences from the standalone desktop version, they are using the MS provided win32 to uwp bridge.


However upon running Kodi it will cause a BSOD with Kernel_Security_Check_Failure


A commonality was discovered in that it was only AMD users encountering this and one user tested multiple Crimson driver versions discovering that only the WHQL 16.7.3 driver is stable with win store version of Kodi, something changed after that and all subsequent drivers are causing this crash. The crash is not isolated to Kodi either, it has happened with other media players too it's just a lot more rare, MPC-BE is another that can cause it.


Thread on the issue


I have tested WHQL 16.9.1 myself with an RX480 and countered this bug, went back to WHQL 16.7.3 and no BSOD.