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AMD HD8970M/r9 m290x  heavy lags, fps drops,...

Question asked by defqon1 on Sep 5, 2016

Hello all,


My brother has a problem with his laptop. Low fps rates, heavy lags, fps drops,... I am wondering what the cause could be. It was our first try of a AMD card but i guess it will be the last time that ill buy one. Even when we play csgo he maxes out on 75 fps(low settings) while i can get easily 200 fps with a gtx 460m. And oh those AMD settings are driving me nuts..


amd global settings are welcome!



pc settings are:

windows 7 home premium

amd HD8970(same as r9 m290x?) 4GB/ intel HD graphics 4600 (uninstalled )

intel I7 4810MQ

16gb ram