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Rx480 and World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic

Question asked by maciopa on Sep 4, 2016
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I have bought yesterday an AMD Rx480 8 GB graphic card as an upgrade for my old Radeon 6870 and ... :

1) I cannot play World of Warcraft anymore - the game crashes at the beginnig. I have no such issue at all with my old graphic card (so it isn't game related). Tried everything that is connected with the game - repairing/resseting settings etc etc. but as I mentioned - the game runs fine with my old radeon card.

2) I have some strange graphics related issues in the Star Wars the Old Republic game - my xp bar is shattered into small short pieces as well as there is a strange bar above the minimap.


Do any of you have any idea how to fix those issues (apart from returning the card to the store and getting Nvidia Gtx1060 instead?)? I would rather stick to my AMD eq as I did for over 20 years (beggining with AMD 486Dx4 CPU).


I am running Windows 10 64bit. CPU AMD (ofc) FX 8320, 16 GB RAM.