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    Rx480 and World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic




      I have bought yesterday an AMD Rx480 8 GB graphic card as an upgrade for my old Radeon 6870 and ... :

      1) I cannot play World of Warcraft anymore - the game crashes at the beginnig. I have no such issue at all with my old graphic card (so it isn't game related). Tried everything that is connected with the game - repairing/resseting settings etc etc. but as I mentioned - the game runs fine with my old radeon card.

      2) I have some strange graphics related issues in the Star Wars the Old Republic game - my xp bar is shattered into small short pieces as well as there is a strange bar above the minimap.


      Do any of you have any idea how to fix those issues (apart from returning the card to the store and getting Nvidia Gtx1060 instead?)? I would rather stick to my AMD eq as I did for over 20 years (beggining with AMD 486Dx4 CPU).


      I am running Windows 10 64bit. CPU AMD (ofc) FX 8320, 16 GB RAM.

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          Hello fellow RX480 owner.


          I have the same exact problems, however WoW works perfectly for me. OK, not perfectly as nearly all Draenor areas make me drop 35 fps, but that's still not that big of an issue.


          But in SW:TOR, I have exactly the same. Artifacts when hovering over skills, bars showing the minimap above and next to it, flashing exp bars. Sometimes loading screens go like my screen just broke or the card has to be RMA'd.
          I have tried rerolling drivers, did not work. Only thing that works is setting the AA to Medium or below. That kills every SW:TOR graphic glitches we mentioned. But that's
          clearly not a fix. Just temporarily.


          My config

          Thermaltake TR2 500W Bronze
          ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0

          AMD FX6300 3,5GHz Black Box
          16GB HyperX Blue DDR3 1866MHz
          ASUS DUAL RX480 4GB GDDR5

          And ofc, Windows 10 Pro 64bit.