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install manager not working

Question asked by hano67 on Aug 28, 2016

First of to register here with that code maker thing, *** someone needs to be shot, half the time i don't even know if its a letter or what the heck it is, the other half capitals numbers or letters, So what you don't want people registering or what. A little advice AMD lose the crap at the front of registration, because it is not refined enough, or change it to something like what Microsoft does with is codes, and that is All letters are capitals all o's are zeros numbers and letters that look the same or similar are gone, and if you can't or don't do this then i know you don't care enough. Oh and i will tell people too, just a warning.

Now down to my problem, I go to install the new drivers and your hopeless install manager will now work it gets to like 2% and stops and shuts down I'm thinking it is just a buggy installer knowing that just about everything Amd touches these days turns to.... well lets just say AMD has got problems, too busy looking ahead not enough of fixing problems being cause by living in a bubble. I have a Raedeon R9 300 series graphics card running on a AMD 8150 system 16 gig of ram. have read a few thing on your forums about the problem and tried a couple of fixes but to no avail. I will keep trying but need some direction or some remote help.