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    Sapphire R9 390 only browsers causing Black Screen


      Thats almost 7 months and yet this problem dont go away. I already used Windows 8.1, Windows 10 before and after Anniversary Update. Every heavy load 3D application NEVER caused any issue for me and i played many hours of heavy 3D game in this period. Almost every 24-48 hours i got a Black Screen of Death while browsing along time. It happens with Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Firefox and Edge occurs more frequently while with Chrome it take several days to happen. I already made 2 clean system install since Anniversary Update, i keep all browsers with hardware acceleration disabled except for Edge which has no option to enable/disable. The symptons already happeed in form of Thread stuck in device driver BSOD's and TDR, and most of times even the stuck black screen save TDR dump files 0x141 in C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG.

      Two days ago when Windows10 KB~34/KB~36 updates started downloading/installing in background it caused a black Scren of Death, so after hard reset it finished the installment at startup and Windows become corrupted. So i fresh install Windows 10 again.


      Before Anniversary Update, driver 15.11/15.12 were stable drivers for this issue, but after Anniversary update no more. AMD already caused too much hassle.


      i7 4770k
      Asus Z87 Plus
      2x 8Gb 2400mhz Trident X
      R9 390 Sapphire Nitro
      EVGA 750 B2
      Win10 Pro x64


      EDIT 1: After RMA card first time the card comeback with same problem, black screen during light tasks which keep clock/voltage fluctuating, because the warranty guys give too much attention to 3D heavy benchmarks only and made no tests in light tasks environments like i asked. For 3D heavy applications the card is fine. The card apparently has voltage degradation for 2D to 3D clocks fluctuation. The card runs fine for first 3 months, after that the card started cause black screen over light tasks.


      When running a heavy 3D app the voltage of card stays at 1.175v-1.263v and keep full stable. When running light tasks and the card apply 3D clocks it apply 1.10v to 3D clocks for things like video playback what is normal because video playback is not too hungry. Then card start spiking memory clock to 150/1500mhz and voltage too keep spiking together from 0.992v-1.00v-1.10v and after long period it cause black screen or some type of crash. Decreasing the memory clock to 1250mhz stop any crash while all the rest works at same way. So there is some voltage instability from the card to light tasks and first P-states. I recorded almost all my black screen and reopened second time RMA which is not finished yet, but i hope this time they identify the problem since i give they a lot of videos demonstrations to explain the issue.


      EDIT 2: So i RMA'ed the card a second time october 2016, this time with better explanation and video demonstration to the RMA guys. They confirmed than card was hardware defective and there was nothing they can do to fix it. I get a refund since they cant replace the card. So that's it, take care.

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          So the problem is related to GPU memory clock anyway like discovered before here: Sapphire Nitro R9 390 memory clock fluctuations causing crashes (have to reboot)


          There is two ways to fix it for web browsing, keep memory clock stuck at 150mhz or keep it stuck at 1500mhz, if leave it at their own with crazy mem fluctuations while browsing there is no way to avoid crashes while browsing. Unfortunately looks like AMD will not fix it.


          Here is a app provided by user herpaderpa which help me stucking the memory clock at 150mhz for crash-free web browsing: Guru3D.com Forums - View Single Post - Looks like flash is my nightmare


          Take note than you will need to delete specific registry key to release clock increase to run any heavy application, other way it will keep stucked at 150mhz and give you the worst performance.


          Other option i found is stuck memory clock at 1500mhz opening OBS-Studio choosing VCE and creating a display capture then minimize OBS and it will keep memory clock at 1500mhz and provide crash-free web browsing. I dont tried clockblocker but probably it works same way of OBS in standby.

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            Running the card for two days in a AM3 platform with browsing focus and there no crash occured in this time with standard clock fluctuation without tweaks. Looks like AMD drivers have problem with Intel platform? Or maybe my EVGA PSU dont support AMD intense mem clock fluctuation feature?


            My EVGA PSU has no problem running NVIDIA GPU's which dont have this mem clock spikes for 2D tasks.


            I would need to test the 390 in my Intel platform with CX500 to discover if EVGA PSU cant keep with AMD clock spikes or if there is AMD drivers issue with Intel platform.

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              Take a look the difference for play a 480p video in youtube, AMD mem spikes is insanity while with NVIDIA GPU it dont need to leave 2D clock to run the video since there is no Hardware acceleration active. Both cases same chrome version. Video tested is running 480p VP9.

              VDDC voltage always spikes together with Memory clock.



              390 mem spike am3 test2.jpg


              This is GTX770 playing same youtube video and memory clock fluctuating:
              770 mem clock LGA1151 v2.jpg

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                After five days it crashed in my AM3 system with a BSOD+TDR dump file created at same crash, the BSOD come with 0x124 code which i recognize by CPU vcore problem, but yet the TDR dump file is same 0x141 from my Z87 system accusing atikmpag.sys.


                Now my last hope is trying RMA, lets see if its really a hardware fault. I hope so to put a end in my misery.

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                  After getting BSOD today, windows  start scanning and repairing drive C. Could this BSODs caused by HDD ?
                  16.9.1 Hotfix

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                    Same problem here. Though I get the blackscreens most likely playing games.


                    Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390X OC (driver: 16.8.2 (16.30.2511.1001-160811a-305729E))

                    GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3P, Mainboard

                    Corsair DIMM 16GB DDR4-2800

                    Intel® Core™ i5-6600K

                    Windows is installed on a Samsung 850 Pro 2,5" 256 GB, Solid State Drive.

                    Windows version: Windows 10 Education 64 bit (10.0, Build 14393)

                    Samsung Evo 850 pro 256 GB


                    What I did until now:


                    SSD checked

                    HDD checked

                    Removed HDD

                    Checked RAM

                    Re-installed windows multiple times

                    Installed 16.7.2, 16.7.3, 16.9.1

                    Tracked voltages, tracked clocks, tracked temperatures...everything normal

                    Lowered GPU memory clock to 750 MhZ as mentioned in the other thread.

                    Never had a blackscreen while in GPU/CPU stresstests. The issue seems to be related to fullscreen usage (at least for me). It only needs 3 minutes in a games that does not require lot of GPU power and it crashes.


                    What helped? Nothing.

                    What to do next? I don't know, Windows does not log anything helpful in the event log, everything seems to work normal. Though there are these blackscreens. Can't use my computer anymore for games right now.

                    Don't know what to do anymore.

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                        What games do you play which crashing? Everytime i open some game my memory clock will stuck at max speed(1500mhz) then avoid any type of crashing even keeping browsers openend in background while playing. Do you get black screen even with memory clock stucked at 1500mhz? If so there has some guys which said than their card get stable when increasing Power limit a bit ~10-20%. Do you already tried it? If it fixes maybe your card has problem with max voltage and best thing is to RMA.

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                            "If so there has some guys which said than their card get stable when increasing Power limit a bit ~10-20%." I didn't know you were new to AMD and what their settings are for. Power Limit > AMD graphics performance

                            How all this relates to your problem, I have no idea. Your symptoms are identical to symptoms reported for years, and all/most were remedied by disabling hardware acceleration.

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                              Every game I play (at least 3D). It also happens rarely when a video goes fullscreen in my browser.


                              The only thing I tested according to the GPU memory clock was tuning it down to 750 MhZ with AfterBurner. I downgraded Win 10 to its first build and installed (very) old drivers. In this setup its working for me even if it's not the optimal solution.


                              I appreciate your suggestion, but I am really exhausted trying to identify and fix problems of products I paid a lot of money for. The problem already cost me 3 weeks, because I first tried to locate the problem (installed a new SSD and upgraded to anniversary at the same time) and tried to reprocude it. The problem occurs completely random and cannot be reproduced, therefore every solution I try cost me about 3 hours. And at this point "aint nobody got time for that". This is AMD's/Sapphire/Microsofts job. I will not investigate further from this point on. I'll report this problem every time I can to the driver feedback to make them do something about this but if the problem is not fixed in ~a month, I'll return the card and demand my money back.


                              Thanks for your help and good luck with finding a solution for this. I hope AMD/Sapphire/Microsoft appreciate your dedication

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                              Downgraded windows yesterday to pre-anniversary update and the drivers to 15.30. Now everything runs like a charm and no black screens occur.


                              This problem needs further investigation, don't want to use my computer with the old windows version in the future. Reported this.

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                              Other thing i discovered. I use only a single 1080p@60hz monitor, from what i research people with 144hz monitor or with 2 monitors or even with higher resolution monitors will cause AMD driver to stuck memory clock at 1500mhz always. I just installed a second 1080p@60hz monitor to test and now memory clock dont decrease to 150mhz anymore. In this way no crashes while browsing or playing video, is fully stable. If you guys search you will see people with 390+144hz monitor complaining because their memory clock stuck at 1500mhz.


                              I just going to send card tomorrow for warranty and praying they can reproduce the problem with video playback/youtube because if they only do full load stress testing it will not cause any issue and card will look amazing. Yet they would need to use 1080p@60hz single monitor to find the problem, if they use higher frequency or higher resolution monitor it will stuck memory clock at 1500mhz and they will say my card is fine.


                              My problem is only related to memory clock/Vcore fluctuations.

                              AMD driver standard clock fluctuating playing youtube video:

                              390 chrome video clock flutuando padrao fabrica.jpg


                              Using herpaderpa app to stuck memory clock at 150mhz and playing youtube video:

                              390 chrome video 150mhz stuck v2.jpg


                              Using OBS in standby it stuck memory clock at 1500mhz too and avoid memory clock fluctuation then browsing is safe to go:

                              390 chrome video 1500mhz stuck obs.jpg

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                                Did i already explain the definition of insanity? Heh. So card was sent to warranty they find the problem and do a reballing for replacement of GPU in card, which after that in their testing show no more problems. So i take card back and install AMD driver 16.10.1 and get 3 black screen in 24 hours. So i tried 16.9.2 and same problem. Moving back to 15.11.1 stopped any black screen while watching videos. So i decided to test Windows Update driver and let it install. The driver installed is which should be 16.9.2 but Radeon settings call it 16.6. But so what, after 4 days running WU driver and leaving lot of videos playing it caused no crashes yet, but if i install AMD own 16.9.2 driver then black screen comeback during video playback or web browsing.


                                AMD drivers are the definition of insanity.

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                                  I too experience the same problem. While browsing, I am getting blackscreens and TDRs. In games? Nothing, rock solid stability. So it's something with those power states. For now the only workaround is to use clockblocker, but this is not a real solution. AMD, please notice us and do something for last gen gpus...

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                                    I'm necroing the thread.


                                    Did anyone find a long term solution for this issue?


                                    I'm having the same issue. Though it only happens if Power Efficiency is OFF or hardware accelleration is ON.


                                    I have;

                                    Sapphire Nitro 390X

                                    i7 4770k

                                    msi Z87 gd65

                                    16gb ddr3

                                    evga supernova g2 750w psu


                                    (quite similar to OP as you can see)


                                    It really seems like there's a problem with Sapphire Nitro series.