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Black screen after Wake up from Sleep 16.7.3 and 16.8.2/3

Question asked by j4rn0 on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by majstrzvasi

Dear AMD,


Since the last updates. Whenever my pc returns from sleep mode my screen stays black. The backlight of my monitor does pop up but the screen it self stays black.

To fix this i have to restart the whole pc.


1. Same issue when hooked up to the TV. Both monitor and TV are a 1080p


2. After 16.7.3 i installed 16.8.2/3 (hotfix), this solved nothing.


3. Uninstalled all ATI drivers and software and reinstalled 16.8.2/3. Solved nothing.


Videocard is a HD7870. Running windows 7 64bit


Please help.