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r9 270x black screen

Question asked by el_froggo on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by el_froggo

The card came with Catalyst drivers originally, which black screened a lot. When I updated to Crimson drivers the black screen mostly went away. Now, after last update, it is back and happening every day

It didn't even happen every day with the old Catalyst drivers. Back then, it was every time I played a game that used a lot of GPU then closed the game the screen would get stuck blank within a day or two and always while the computer is idle. I updated to Crimson and the problem mostly went away(it still happened but not very often.) Now that I have the new update 16.7.3 my computer gets stuck on black screen while idle every day even if I played no games.

This is a very bad problem, it always happens when I am away from the computer and the computer cannot control it's fan speeds or CPU clock while locked up. It just sits there heating up for hours until I get back! Rebooting after playing games used to ensure this wouldn't happen, but now it just happens every day!