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DXVA2 broken and random black screens

Question asked by mclingo on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by vonchen

ok, so I get this card is new but it really is a mess. Here is a list of some issues i've had.




1. BSOD when playing movies. Not knowing DXVA was broken this may have been the cause but the BSOD's stopped when I rebuilt my PC, 2 days wasted perhaps.

2. Unable to set PIXEL format. I tracked this down to DEEP COLOUR on my 4K tv, if you have a 4K TV you cant change pixel format unless DEEP colour is on, this is pants and clearly a bug, this wasn't fixed by a PC rebuild so its clearly an ATI issue.




1. DXVA2 h264 is broken big style, I get severe video artifacts when I skip through movies and playback is generally not smooth and glitchy. Current workaround is to turn off H264 in LAV filters, hardly ideal when you've just shelled out £230 for high end card.


2. I get totally random black and blue screens, sometime black, sometimes light blue. The PC is still working but the monitor connection is dead and will not wake up even with HDMI YO, it requires a full reboot, this is ****ing annoying to say the least.


3. Lets face it we all heated the control center but my god crimson is even worse, what a mess, did ATI get a 5 year old in to design that?


If ATI dont get a driver out to fix DXVA in the 7 days its going back and i'll give the 1060 a go.