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How do I get my two monitors to work properly after upgrading to Windows 10?

Question asked by skip56 on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by amdmatt

I have A MSI HD 5450 card and 2 monitors, a Medion connected to HDMI and a IIyama, rotated 90 degrees to vertical, connected to DVI. After upgrading to Windows 10 32-bit I see the same content on both displays, rotated to vertical on the IIyama. Windows removed the AMD CC app, that worked wonderfully well under Windows 7, as incompatible and claims I have only one monitor.

I downloaded AMD CCC 15.7.1 and ran Setup. After the installation there was no prompt to reboot, but I did that anyway. No joy. AMD Installation Manager showed as installed, but Control Center did not start and default windows drivers are still active. Windows can't find other drivers.

I used AMD Installation Manager to remove ALL AMD drivers - looked clean. Ran Setup again - same result.

Third try after switching off virus scanner, still no joy.

Any ideas? Is it possible to manually install the AMD drivers and how do I do that?