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    Sapphire Fury X - Monitor loses signal


      I've read quite extensively on this issue, and I've seen a lot of things that might be similar, but nothing that seems to match exactly what's happening with me.


      First of all, I've had my Fury X for about 2 months or so now, and it's all been smooth sailing up until last night. I was playing Rust for about 4 hours when suddenly my monitors went black, and I received the No Signal screen. However, unlike in a lot of other peoples threads, it seems that the game is also locking up, because my sound seems to just stutter as well. Obviously I can't tell what's going on because there's nothing on the screen, so that's just a guess. Now, this happens every single time I try to play any game, usually about 2-3 minutes after launching, making everything unplayable.


      For reference, I've been gaming daily for many hours, including in Rust, and I've never experienced this issue. Everything was working with the new drivers up until last night (I believe the newest drivers were released the 19th of July?). So I'm not sure it's a driver issue, but I've been wrong before.


      I also happened to run CCleaner last night, right before launching Rust (so about 3-4 hours before having these issues). I'm not sure if that could have caused any problems, but not sure why it would.


      So here's what I've tried/noticed:

      1. the LED's for the PSU connectors in the GPU are normally about half lit up, then go fully lit, then everything crashes. The lights are still going after I get the no signal on the monitor, so I don't think it's a PSU problem.
      2. I have reinstalled my drivers, using DDU to completely remove my previous ones, problem persists in the same way.
      3. I have installed Clock Blocker, messed around with some of the settings, and reset them all to default. Both ways I get the same problem.
      4. I have reseated my GPU, cleaned out the inside of my case (which wasn't dusty to begin with), same issue.
      5. I've reseated my RAM, same issue.
      6. I have monitored temps, everything is well within normality. CPU stays around 38C, GPU doesn't go above 47C.
      7. I have tried both a new DisplayPort cable, switching to an HDMI cable, and a DP to DVI cable. Problem still happens on all of them.
      8. Run Windows update, same issues.
      9. Disabled FreeSync, still problems.


      I'm kind of at a loss. I don't think the GPU is bad, as it works perfectly fine when not gaming. It doesn't feel hot at all and HWMonitor is reporting very normal temperatures.


      Here are my system specs:

      • GPU: Sapphire Fury X
      • CPU: Intel 3770k @ 3.5 ghz (have OC'd in the past, but not in the last couple of years)
      • CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Dark Knight 2 SD 1283 Night Hawk Edition
      • PSU: SeaSonic X-850 850W
      • RAM: 16gb Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 1600
      • Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H-LGA 1155
      • Monitor: Acer XG270HU @ 1440p
      • OS: Windows 10


      Thanks in advance for any help