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    Display driver 15.7.1 fails on Win 10 for HD6320 Graphics


      Updated system from Win 7 to Win 10, get popup box that Catalyst Software Suite 15.7.1 is available, but the display driver install fails. Otherwise, the system is working ok.

      Catalyst™ Install Manager
      Installation Report
      07/26/16 13:40:21


      Hardware information

      NameAMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics
      ManufacturerAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
      Device ID0x9806
      Vendor ID0x1002
      Class Code0x030000
      Revision ID0x00
      Subsystem ID0x397b
      Subsystem vendor ID0x17aa


      Packages for install

      AMD Display Driver

      Final Status:Fail
      Version of Item:15.200.1062.1004
      Size:90 Mbytes

      AMD Quick Stream Technology

      Final Status:Success
      Version of Item:
      Size:9 Mbytes

      AMD Gaming Evolved App

      Final Status:Success
      Version of Item:2.11.000
      Size:49 Mbytes


      Error messages
      Driver Install: the specified driver package was not installed for matching devices