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AMD rx 480 specs

Question asked by l4nttu on Jul 26, 2016
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It's my first time here and have an important question  about the rx 480. So I've read all the possible reviews and benchmarks and comparisons between rx480 and the new nvidia cards. There is just one thing that I don't get the about the new rx 480. Why has the CU been redused to 36!?!!? Sorry if I'm a pleb in this matter but is the ROPs amount the same thing? Looking at one comparison, the new rx480 beats gtx 980 in EVERY spec but the rop number. And 980 is almost in every game beating 480 by 10fps. So why has this decision been made and is there any reason to consider for example old r9 390x which loses in base clock ofc but does have 64 cu, right? Looking at the benchmarks no matter what the price is I'd really want to switch my decision to 1070/1080 but I have a freesync monitor and I want to benefit from it so I'm stuck with AMD Well my plan is to go crossfire if the need for more power comes to question.


Thanks in advance and sorry if the tone towards AMD sounds a bit hostile, I appreciate the budget option and that's why I'm going with AMD.


And by the way I'm going with the asus strix model when it comes out eventually.


BR Lauri