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    Peculiar RX480 no display issue


      So here I was buying a HIS RX480, after long thinking whether i should get a RX 480 or GTX 1060.

      I thought it was a simple plug but I guess not.



      Inserting the RX 480 to the pci slot causes no display to be seen (I am plugging it through HDMI to a vga adapter)

      I already cleaned out all the drivers from my previous graphics card which is GTX 670. Couldn't be a pci problem because I plugged my GTX 670 back in and its running just fine, same with onboard mobo gpu. (Also no display in windows safe mode)

      After reading some forums from people with the issue, i tried plugging off the rx 480 so no gpu is insterted. And making the bios boot to the integrated mobo gpu. Plug the rx 480 back in, system boots fine. From there I can see in the device manager that 2 display adapters are insterted, installed the rx 480 drivers which it successfully done so.



      At this point I was hopeful I fixed it since even the computer recognizes it and the drivers are all installed. So I restarted, go to bios and set it to boot primary from the PCI. But *drum roll* NO DISPLAY.

      I am stumped, I don't know what to do. This is literally my first AMD card after using nvidia since the beginning, I hope there is a fix for this.





      16 GB DDR3 RAM

      MSI Z77A-G45

      i5 3570k 3.4 Ghz