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    Quadfire issues : unable to have the 4 GPUs loaded. Any Ideas ??


      Hi guys,


      I'm among the several ones struggling with AMD GPUs and crossfire (quadfire in my case).

      First my Rig :

      Motherboard : Asus X99 Rampage V

      CPU : Intel i7 5960k

      RAM : 32 GB of ADATA DDR4 2800Mhz

      GPU : Two watercooled Limited Edition Asus ARESIII (R9 290X2 x2 in Quadfire)

      Monitors : x3 24" Samsung 1920x1080 for Eyefinity gaming (5760x1080)

      SSD : one NVMe Samsung 950 Pro of 256 GB + 4x OCZ 60GB in RAID 0

      Case : Corsair Obsidian 900D

      Fans : 16 120mm fans 350rpm - 1350rpm (Corsair, Cougar & Alaska) and one 140mm corsair fan at the rear

      PSU : one Corsair AX1200i & one Corsair HX750 for a total of 1950 watts

      Watercooling : only the CPU & the 2 GPUs

      CPU Block : Watercool HeatKiller Rev3.0 copper

      GPUs : Genuine blocks of the ARESIII (I think Asus partnered with EKWB)

      Rad : one MO-RA 360 with 9 Alaska Fans

      Pumps : two watercool mounted in a 5.25" XSPC reservoir bay

      OS : Windows 10 Pro 64 bits


      After long weeks of tests and fine tuning, I was finally able to run the quadfire on Win 10 (while only possible on Win 7 before). I checked with MSI Afterburner (to see if the 4 GPUs were loaded during a gaming test) and I benchmarked with 3DMark Fire Storm (scored 24500 if I remember well).


      Today, I noticed that only the 2 GPUs of the main card are loaded (crossfire), the 2 others stay flat no matter what application (games or 3Dmark) or what profile (AMD profiles) I chose.

      So the crossfire is ok since the 2 GPUs of the 1st card work together but no quadfire.


      The only variable I changed is the Drivers that I update every time a new one comes out. One of the mistake I did was to not test again the quadfire after every driver update so now I don't know anymore which drivers were used when the quadfire was working well.


      Anyway, today, I'd like to have my quadfire up to speed with the latest drivers but after many tests, trials, attempts, internet researches and forum readings, I cannot have the 4 GPUs working together.

      As you can imagine, it is very frustrating to have put so much (time and money) in this rig and to not use 100% of its capacity (when quadfire is ok, I can tell you this rig is a real beast on my 3 monitors !!!).


      So today I'm turning to you seeking knowledge, ideas, experiences to fix my issue for good. What I'd like to avoid is the easy solution to sell my cards and to buy a new one (GTX 1080 or Pro duo). I decided to invest in these cards to keep them for a long time. Also, I know it worked a few months ago and I want to fight back my machine and to fix it (I know some of you will understand that feeling... ;-))

      So thank you in advance to all of you who will take the time to read this post and try to provide some ideas.


      PS : I don't know anymore if it is a hardware issue or a driver issue or a software issue, so I decided to post it in the General Discussions Forum.

        • Re: Quadfire issues : unable to have the 4 GPUs loaded. Any Ideas ??

          Hi mexx,


          I have 2x XFX R9 295x2's and have had many issues with these cards in windows 7 and 10. I have found that if you uninstall the amd drivers and then use DDU in safe mode(be sure to choose the reboot in safe mode option) and then re-install the latest (stable) amd drivers in windows once it reboots, you will be able to have the drivers installed with crossfire enabled, reboot is required after installing them. Also, be sure to download the latest version of DDU.


          Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. The drivers are finicky with quadfire setups. As you stated once when you have 1 card running (2 gpus) everything is good and easy but when you try to setup 2 cards (4 gpus) that's when things get nasty. If for some reason crossfire (quadfire) is not enabled you have to goto the amd radeon settings and enable it and IF your in luck it

          will be enabled within a couple of seconds. If not then follow the read the below part...


          Here's the tricky part when you try to ENABLE or DISABLE crossfire, it will seem as if the system has hung or crashed with a black screen. Be patient, relax and just wait it out, after a while, I would say ten minutes or less perhaps the system will respond. It's terrible I know but it seems to work. I have gained a lot of experience with dealing with these cards.


          Please let me know if this helps.