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    application blocked from accessing graphics hardware


      So,what happened was,I was getting another error: "Display Driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered."

      I found a fix on Youtube,that used TdrDelay,and setting the value to 8.

      Now though,I was getting the message:"application blocked from accessing graphics hardware."


      Any help?

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          We'd like to help, but we'll need more information.


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              application has been blocked from accessing graphic software

              i got this error when i playing game named Overwatch sometimes i get some rendering errors and i think i somehow fix that but now i get this error..i ask from blizzard and thay say me lots of things to do and i do and nothing helps than thay say to contact you...

              this is my sistem...everything you need to know :

              windows 10 pro 64 bit

              CPU Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz 38 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm TechnologyRAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (11-9-9-24)Motherboard MSI Z68A-G43 (G3) (MS-7750) (SOCKET 0) 28 °CGraphics SMS24A350H (1920x1080@60Hz)

              8192MB ATI Radeon RX 480 Graphics (Sapphire/PCPartner) 48 °C
              and this is a specy from my GPU and MONITOR

              Name SMS24A350H on Radeon RX 480 Graphics


              Current Resolution 1920x1080 pixels

              Work Resolution 1920x1040 pixels

              State Enabled, Primary, Unsafe

              Monitor Width 1920

              Monitor Height 1080

              Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel

              Monitor Frequency 60 Hz

              Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

              ATI Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics

              Manufacturer ATI

              Model Radeon RX 480 Graphics

              Device ID 1002-67DF

              Revision C8

              Subvendor Sapphire/PCPartner (174B)

              Current Performance Level Level 0

              Current GPU Clock 633 MHz

              Current Memory Clock 300 MHz

              Current Shader Clock 300 MHz

              Voltage 1880428.625 V

              Technology 14 nm

              GPU Clock 1306.0 MHz

              Temperature 48 °C

              Core Voltage 1880428.730 V

              Bios Core Clock 300.00

              Bios Mem Clock 300.00

              Driver version 21.19.384.0

              BIOS Version 113-2E3470U.O5Y

              Memory Type GDDR5

              Memory 8192 MB

              Bandwidth 256.0 GB/s

              Count of performance levels : 2

              Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"

              Level 2 - "Perf Level 1"

              Can you help me please i get this error all the time and sometimes say something restored in watman i don't know
              thank you
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                          Machine Id: {8036216B-CDB6-46A8-B27D-A25E19AB214C}

                           Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_inmarket.161208-2252)

                                   Language: English (Regional Setting: English)

                        System Manufacturer: MSI

                               System Model: MS-7750

                                       BIOS: BIOS Date: 01/09/13 16:04:15 Ver: 04.06.05

                                  Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.7GHz

                                     Memory: 8192MB RAM

                        Available OS Memory: 8144MB RAM

                                  Page File: 3231MB used, 6191MB available

                                Windows Dir: C:\Windows

                            DirectX Version: DirectX 12

                        DX Setup Parameters: Not found

                           User DPI Setting: Using System DPI

                         System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)

                            DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled

                                   Miracast: Available, with HDCP

                  Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported

                             DxDiag Version: 10.00.14393.0000 64bit Unicode