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One year later, my R9 380 4G is still pretty much unusable (the dreaded black screen issue)

Question asked by tchalikias on Jul 13, 2016

The card appears to work fine in both Windows 7 & 10 desktop usage and certain games. I can play for hours on end without issues titles like Oblivion, for example. However, some of my favorite games, like Total War: Rome 2, Endless Legend, Endless Space, the latest Civilization games, old titles like Mass Effect 2 etc. all display the following behavior: after starting, or in some cases, after playing for less than 2-3 minutes, my screen loses signal (I've tested both HDMI and D-SUB via a DVI to VGA adapter, on HDMI the screen turns green for a split second before losing signal), the sound starts looping in the background, and after a little while my PC hard locks).


I've taken apart everything and put it back together again to no avail (I should mention I'm in IT). I've tried most of the recommended fixes found online, including disabling low power mode completely via the registry. I've tried running the problematic titles with the lowest graphics settings available.


The most 'stable' (if I can call it that!) driver appears to be 15.11.1 beta, all drivers above that run even fewer games properly.


This is on an i5 2500k, Gigabyte Z68 system with a beefy Corsair 650W PSU. The computer passes all stability/stress tests with flying colors, including memory. I've even stress tested the card itself with FurMark. It can run for hours without issues.


My question is: should I go ahead and sell this burden of a card and get myself one that works, or is there a definite fix for this problem?