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Measurement of temperature under Ubuntu

Question asked by bozsikarmand on Jul 11, 2016



Would you please help me to find the proper way to determine CPU temperature under Ubuntu 16.04?

I sometimes check my UEFI at boot (on an ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0) and the I can see various values (3x-4x °C) according to the outside temperature but this is a reasonable set of data so I can believe it since the application I use under Windows 10 (AIDA) shows almost the same temperatures. In this program I can see the cpu temp (which is about 3x-4x °C) and the core temp of my FX-8320 which is about 10-20 °C.


Under Ubuntu as a cpu temperature I can only read the core temp value (tried with lm-sensors and psensors as well) or something similar to that.

To see the differences I've drawn a graph under Windows from the core temp values of aida under the same load and compared it with psensors values. They are almost identical in terms of temperature, but a better way of measurement would be nice.


I would like to ask if there is a better way to check the temperature or is there a mathematical formula whereby I can calculate from core temp the "real" one (displayed in UEFI and under Windows).