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RX480 crossfire - not even single card works now

Question asked by kris81 on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by kris81

Hi there.


Bought a XFX RX480 8gb Black OC edition. Installed, worked perfect. No issues.
Ordered another one, arrived today. Mounted them for crossfire, both cards were detected as RX480 in device manager, but I could not open Amds

Radeon settings. Told me no AMD graphic were installed.
Tried to install latest AMD-driver again. Thats when things went south.


Now, windows will only use "Microsoft basic display adapter" as driver, for both cards. I have tried deleting all drivers with DDU, and then reinstalling AMD drivers,

but it only installs sound drivers. I get a message that display and graphic driver was not installed.


If I remove one card, I still have the same issue. Can not install AMD driver.


I really need some help, I have about 35 days left where I can still return the cards to seller. If I cant make this work, I will return them in exchange for a 1080.


Hardware :

Asus Z97-A mb, with latest BIOS. All settings default, tried changing all pcie settings, no result.

Intel i5 4670K cpu, not OC atm.

Corsair Crucial 16gb 1333mhz memory, 2x8gb.

Corsair 750w PSU.

Samsung 850evo ssd.