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    [MSI HD7990] UK repairs?


      Anyone know a trustworthy UK repairer for this card?


      It's been too good to just throw away, and I'm FAR too broke to get a comparable replacement

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          I doubt you would get it fixed for less than the cost of a new GPU but that would depend on what is wrong with it.  They aren't exactly easy to fix. Even getting an estimate would likely cost a fair bit. One R9 290X or the new RX 480 would give better performance vs the 7990.  The 480 would also be cheaper than a replacement 7990.


          Depending on when you bought it, it may just still be under warranty with the manufacturer.

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              That's not good news

              I've had it 2 years, and it was bought 2nd hand on fleabay, back when I still had some money, so no chance of a warranty claim.

              I'm slowly drowning to death on £73/wk so buying anything new is an absolute no-no.

              Think all I can do is sell the 7990 as 'not working', plus my video cams & hope I can get a used R9 280X in the auctions (min spec for Elite: Dangerous)

              The only working GPU I have now is an old HD5870.