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    RX 480 crash


      My RX 480 crashes with the error "directx function get device removed reason failed with dxgi_error_device_reset" in nearly every game I have tried with it. I have tried underclocking, undervolting, re-installing drivers, re-installing games, nothing. I am not impressed with the lack of attention given to this issue. I don't know if it is drivers, the card itself, or what, but this is rather frustrating.

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          We'd like to learn more about this issue, please provide more information.


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            Is this the only game that crashes? I would try DDU to completely remove the driver and then install 16.7.1. Also, as a test try a different game or try downloading Unigine Heaven or Valley and test the stock setting config.


            I can tell you my own experience with the XFX RX 480 has been flawless. It has been one of the best reference cards I've ever owned. It is now even better with the 16.7.1 drivers.

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                already done the uninstall and using the DDU from safe mode before installing the 16.7.1

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                    the thing is i only play one game. World of Tanks.  I have benched the card using firestrike, passmark, furmark, and unigine.  all fine but those tests are around 10~15 mins.  This crash can happen an hour or two into gameplay.

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                        I have the same problem after playing wot just crash after hour and display drivers stopped responding and when open amd setting got notifications Default radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure. I try haven, furmark, 3dmark all fine.

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                    i am from Germany. Sorry for my worse english writing.

                    I have the same Problem here. I bought a new standard Saphire AMD Radeon RX480 8GB video card. I have the newest driver version and only standard amd settings.

                    Only World of Tanks freezes or crashes cause the display driver stopped. This happends sometimes after 1 hour or sometimes already after 3 minutes. All other games i played are running absolutly nice.


                    Many people have this problem with WOT and the Radeon rx480. I did not found any work arround to fix this problem and i tried a lot of things.


                    My System:

                    Mainboard ASROCK Z97 Killer

                    CPU: i5 4690K

                    RAM: 16 GB DDR3

                    Video Card: Saphire Raseon rx480 8GB - Driver 16.7.2

                    Windows 10 - 64bit on Samsung SSD 250 GB Harddisk

                    Full HD Samung Monitor

                    Nothing is overclocked. I have only Standard settings.

                    All Hardwaredrivers are the latest on my system.


                    Is this problem known by AMD and are the engineers workling on a better new driver?

                    I really think about to give back this card and getting a Nvidia card (gtx 970 or gtx980).


                    Hope someone will answer to me.



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                        Try this. Start and open game on sd client and safe mode without any instal mod... On this metode i play maybe 10 battle and no crash. When I returned to hd client and normaly start game after 15 min i got crash... just try this metode...

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                          I'm just in wattman set up the fan speed all other settings  are the default now  will try other game so I'll see if my problem is present only in the world here of tanks or in the other games. I tried to stress test a couple of benchmark everything was fine I even sent it to wot support ticket because they really do not know more how to fix the problem

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                          i ve got the same problem here. Driver is crashing while playing World of Tanks. Sometimes in the first round, sometimes later, sometimes several times. That is very annoying


                          No problem in any other game.


                          CPU i5 3570k

                          Board: MSI Z77A G43

                          Ram 16 GB

                          Win 10 64 bit

                          Sapphire RX 480 8GB

                          Crimson 16.7.2


                          Never had these Problems with my vtx3d 7950 boost..

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                            As far as I know World of tanks whit Rx 480 you can play in sd client and on safe mod without any mod... so to me if a play on hd crash after 1 hour on sd client no crash now why the game can be played at maximum i dont know...

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                              Hi all.


                              All Problems are Fixed with new Driver 16.7.3.


                              Thank you AMD. Good Work. Now the RX 480 is a very good card :-).

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                                  With the new driver my WoT also crash

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                                      Hi Hanswurst,


                                      i played now WOT for hours and had no any crash with the new driver 16.7.3.

                                      I have played with the HD Client and all grafic settings on max with FSAA.

                                      Also i have installed XVM and some mods.  I really had no any crash in WOT.


                                      AMD WattMan settings:

                                      Temperature: Max. 80, Target 75

                                      Speed RPM: Min 2000, Target 3500


                                      My System:

                                      Mainboard ASROCK Z97 Killer

                                      CPU: i5 4690K

                                      RAM: 16 GB DDR3

                                      Video Card: Saphire Radeon rx480 8GB - Driver 16.7.3

                                      Windows 10 - 64bit on Samsung SSD 250 GB Harddisk

                                      Thermaltake Power Supply Paris 650W Plus Gold


                                      Hanswurst: Is it possible that your Power Supply 450W is not strong enough for your System?

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                                        now wot is stable!

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                                      I'm having the same issues while playing WoT.

                                      It sometimes happens after 1h of gaming other times earlier or later.

                                      Just recently used DDU to install newest drivers, but it did not solved the problem.

                                      I also get "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure"


                                      • AMD Graphics Card
                                        • Saphire RX480 8GB OC Nitro+
                                      • Desktop
                                      • Operating System
                                        • Windows 10 64bit
                                      • Driver version installed
                                        • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.12.2
                                      • Display Devices
                                        • Acer K272HL DVI-D to HDMI
                                      • Motherboard
                                        • Asus HERO VI
                                      • CPU/APU
                                        • Intel I5 4670K
                                      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                                        • 750W Silver
                                      • RAM
                                        • 16GB


                                      Are there any drivers without WattMan available for download????

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                                        My World of Tanks chrashed also with all Drivers since 16.11.5! Only till 16.11.5 is WoT stable.

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                                            More then  6 months have passed since they have adressed this issue here.
                                            I'm playing on a new
                                            Intel I7 7700K 4.2 (4.8OC)
                                            MSI M3 Gaming (Z270)
                                            MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB
                                            16Gb DDR4
                                            700Watt thermaltake PSU


                                            I can NOT play battlefield 1 properly, wot seems fixed by disabling the Gaming application but still after intensive gaming driver stops working, while there is no overheating of some sort...
                                            Is this normal for your "TOP" graphics chip too fail so misserably? While there seems to be almost no support from eithe AMD  nor MSI (They just point out to the manufacturer of the graphics chip => no better drivers available)

                                            I'm regretting choosing for AMD once again, this might just be the last AMD component I ever used in my builds...
                                            If there will be no solution available soon, it will be 300 euro's in a trashcan...

                                            Please AMD convince us you guys care about your products...


                                            Ps i receive this absurd error message while playing battlefield :Untitled — Postimage.org

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                                                RX480 crash BATTLEFIELD 1 at map sinar desert and show up >>Screenshot (4).png

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                                              hi guys


                                              I have just saying to my friend ( i have r9 290x saphire 4go) he should by a 480rx 8go and he crash allaws in world of warship, BF1.....so i say him go to your marquet and say graphic cart dont work!!!!!!!!!! He go by a 1060GTX for PLAYING WITH NO CRASH!!!!!!!! SAME ON YOU AMD!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                set: scaling mode to "full"

                                                set the target temp for 50~55 and max to 70

                                                Change the cable to DP

                                                one of these solved the problem for me.