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Did I broke my GPU ? HD 8990 ( Rebranded 7990 ) Please Check my Dual GPU

Question asked by puwey on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by puwey

Hey Guys,


since 2 Days I'm shocked, cause I did nothing.

System is still stable, also tried a fresh install but unfortunately the second GPU of my Dual Card leaves this world.

I did nothing, just Gaming Overwatch, or watch a Movie, nothing realy breakful.


But when it started that my System Crashs. It don't Crash in Windows only, but starting a Game or even a Little FullScreen Programm , like for example checking bus Interface with GPU-Z freezes the System immediatly.


I reinstall my Computer new, still the same issues.

When I watched at HWMonitor and GPU-Z , oh my Jesus what happened with the second GPU? That's also the reason why it Crashs, it try to use the second gpu in more gpu demanding Things but can't. ( my theory )


I also wondering why the second GPU doesn't have a Bios anymore and the ULPS Light is also the whole time now on. Wasn't so before.


I also postet Picture to see some examples. I appreciate every help, because I still love that Card and it's 3 Years old and also wasn't cheap -.-


Core 2 No Temp.pngGPU-Z HD 7990.png