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    Did I broke my GPU ? HD 8990 ( Rebranded 7990 ) Please Check my Dual GPU


      Hey Guys,


      since 2 Days I'm shocked, cause I did nothing.

      System is still stable, also tried a fresh install but unfortunately the second GPU of my Dual Card leaves this world.

      I did nothing, just Gaming Overwatch, or watch a Movie, nothing realy breakful.


      But when it started that my System Crashs. It don't Crash in Windows only, but starting a Game or even a Little FullScreen Programm , like for example checking bus Interface with GPU-Z freezes the System immediatly.


      I reinstall my Computer new, still the same issues.

      When I watched at HWMonitor and GPU-Z , oh my Jesus what happened with the second GPU? That's also the reason why it Crashs, it try to use the second gpu in more gpu demanding Things but can't. ( my theory )


      I also wondering why the second GPU doesn't have a Bios anymore and the ULPS Light is also the whole time now on. Wasn't so before.


      I also postet Picture to see some examples. I appreciate every help, because I still love that Card and it's 3 Years old and also wasn't cheap -.-


      Core 2 No Temp.pngGPU-Z HD 7990.png

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          No, ULPS is enabled which will hide some monitoring functions such as memory bandwidth because the GPU is asleep while under 2D load.

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            UPDATE: Tested my System with a new R9 390.

            Everything runs fine and much cooler than with my 3 Years older HD 7990. Now I'm checking Performance.

            But I can say...something grilled my second Core. Although it always was the coolest, I don't know how this happended.

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                Please try the steps below to see if it resolves the issues you mentioned above.


                1. Run the Windows self check tool to check scan and automatically repair any corrupt files found in Windows. There is a guide on how to do it here.  What you need to do is run an elevated command prompt (elevated means run it as administrator) and type SFC /SCANNOW. This will generate a statement indicating if errors were found the Operating system and if they were fixable.


                2. Make sure you have installed Microsfot NetFramework and Visual C++ 2013. These should be installed already, but they can become damaged, need repairing or reinstalling.


                3. Update Windows. Install all available critical, recommended and optional updates. Often Netframework and Visual C are included in the recommended or optional updates Windows provides. Windows should always be fully up to date before installing our drivers!


                4. Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers.


                5. Install the latest Crimson 16.6.2 drivers once the above is completed.


                Download MSI Afterburner and navigate to Settings and tick Disable ULPS. Restart your system and test to see if you still experience crashing.

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                    Hey Guys,


                    first of all I wanna thank for helping me.

                    I have my HD 7990 now for 3 Years and can really say: I know my Card.


                    I gave it to a technical man, but he didn't have the time till now and don't have a 2x 8 Pin PSU to check if the Card runs on another System.


                    Today I just for fun installed the HD 7990 again. And whoops...the first Moment was a surprise, because the Card hits Windows .

                    The time before I had Crashs every few second like I described it before that don't happen again. Also The Clocks are visible again.

                    But something still isn't ok. I did a Heaven Bench and the Card is running like the Years before, but crashed again. It also crashed one or two times in Windows and also while Gaming. But not in few Second, it happens randomly.

                    I watched HD Monitor and one Thing is still not the same and I swear that's the Problem.

                    GPU 1 and GPU 2 ( even in Zero Mode ) had always the same Voltage ( 0.950 V on each Core)

                    While Gaming both Cores hit 1.200 V on stock Settings.

                    But if I now looking at HW Monitor, I see the second Core not anymore with everything on 0%, I see the right clocks, but a Little less Voltage ( 0.850 V ). I believe that this is why my Card is crashing, because the whole 3 Years ago, both Cores always ran at 0.950 V, even in ZeroMode.

                    So what can I do, to get the old Voltage back to my second Core? Or is it really now a broken Card?


                    Here's a Pic from my actual Voltage which in my opinion isn't right on the second Core. HD 8990.jpg 

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                        That's normal. The second GPU is sitting idle, possibly in Zerocore mode unless you disabled it. The voltage should be at 0.850v and at load it should be 1.2v.

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                            I checked other Forums and 0.850v is totally normal. Your right. Also first GPU has to be @ 0.950v , because of a High Idle Mode ( 144Hz Monitor + 2 other 60hz Displays connected )

                            But if you look up @ my First HWMonitor Picture in my Thread, you can see that the second Core had no values. And that was the Main Problem with Crashes every few seconds.

                            I just tried the card a second time after I bought my Replacement and now you can see in the last HWMonitor Picture: there is also voltage posted in HWMonitor again.

                            So I thought, hey card is working again . I surfed a little bit, posted my last post here, made a Unigine Heaven Benchmark and when while benching it happened again. Total Display freezed and I have to restart PC. I can't say what it is, because the GPU hits Windows, hits a little Gaming, but sometimes also crashs directly on Startup too (maybe when it's a little bit hotter?). I never used the PC for longer than 5 Minutes in Windows till the Card crashs again.

                            Maybe it's really not the second Core, but I also did a total fresh install and after Windows Installation, the Card crashed again. Sometime earlier, sometime later. (Can it maybe also be the PSU? Maybe? Everything else is running fine)

                            Can someone tell me what else I can do? It's so an amazing card and it wasn't cheap 3 Years ago.

                            Today I will check the Parts on the GPU. I also read something to put the card in the oven, but that is something I do only when no Hope is left.

                            What could I else do ? I can't test the card on another System, because nobody else in my Village has a 875w PSU.

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                                It's normal for the GPU temperature and clock speeds to show as 0c or 0Mhz when the second GPU is asleep in Zerocore mode. If you disable ULPS, then monitoring programs such as HWINFO or HWMonitor should be able to read those values.


                                Did you try the clean install of the Crimson 16.6.2 drivers i mentioned above?


                                You could try underclocking the core of the 7990 by 300Mhz to see if that reduces the frequency of the display driver crashes.

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                                    So far I wanna tell more Details, because my System is cleaner than clean. I could say for now there is just a naked up-to-date Windows 10 installed.

                                    Each time when a Crash happens after few Minutes and I start my system new, I get a Message that Wattman/my Overclock have to be Restarted duo a failure in Overclock. ( But I never overclocked the HD 8990 , since 3 Years I just put only the Powerlimit to 20% to get Max. Performance )

                                    First of all I've got no Wattman, I still got Overdrive. But that could also just be a little Text Bug from the newer Crimson Version.

                                    Second I have to put the card to another System to check if the card is really broken. Maybe it just could also be the mobo or the PSU, but I also think something broke the GPU, because my replacement (R9 390) runs flawlessly and the System also runs very well after a fresh new Windows Installation.

                                    Without any Driver and the HD 8990 put in the System never crashs ( could also be a indication ) , but it started to crash with the last Crimson Version randomly ( not till Installation, after some days later while playing Overwatch ). But I still can't believe that it's a Driver Problem, because other people's HD 7990 ( the same like my HD 8990 ) telling me, that they don't got such issues.

                                    For more Details: It also isn't a Bluescreen or my System restarts from alone. The whole Display freezes and gets black or total green or the colors which were last shown on my Monitor. Sometimes also the Sound stick if something was played at the moment the crash happened. And Also I can't activate the Numlock on my keyboard after this art of Crash, but the PC is still on. Very rare times, it even don't hit Windows and get's black earlier on the Windows Log-In Display. But this only happens when some crashs happened before.

                                    When trying to play a Game or a Benchmark, it runs for 1-2 Minutes and the Frames are as high as ever, so what could it theoretically else be ?

                                    Or has anyone other Test solutions ?

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                                        This does sound like a faulty GPU. Does it have any warranty remaining?

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                                            My friend, unfortunately no..it's a OEM ( HD 8990 ) Card from Alienware and 3 Years old, no warranty anymore.

                                            It sounds really like a faulty GPU. But the fault happened randomly, I did nothing else or overclocked or something else.

                                            I also thought the second Core broke, but it was a little bit surprised for me, because it was always the Core that doesn't have high temps. First Core was always under more stress and also sometimes overheated, but didn't broke. But if you can see everything in the Bootmenu, in the Bios, also when you install a new Windows, could it really eventually really be a Driver Issue ? I'm a little bit confused because the last Driver after Installation ran fine. The issue happened 1 1/2 weeks later. Surprisly my temporaly new Replacement R9 390 runs very very fine and that confuses me too. But it's not the same like a Dual GPU. I miss much more Frames with the Single GPU, yes.

                                            Other People also posting Black Screen Issues, even Fury X User, I would like to give my card away to check it on another system, but I'm really, and really really the only guy in my town who has 2x 6 Pin Connector & 2x 8 Pin Connector -.- . I will write more if I found someting more out.

                                            But very very thanks for helping me with experience.