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R9 270X: 0.950V instead of 0.875V in 2D Mode

Question asked by alandolby on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by alandolby

Hi guys and gals,


I'm having a minor issue with my Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X 2GB OC card:

While in 2D mode the VDD voltage is higher that is should be, at 0.950V while Clock and Memory are at the correct 350MHz and 150MHz respectively.

Voltage should be at 0.875V and then change to 0.950V when the "profile/mode" changes to 450MHz Core / 1400MHz Mem / 0.95 VDD.


I searched on the web but i didn't find nothing, except a way to check the BIOS values of the card, which are at the "correct" 350MHz / 150MHz / 0.875V for that mode.

The Profiles/Modes in my BIOS (that i saved using the Trixx util that came with the card) are these:

Core     /    Mem   /   VDD

350MHz / 150MHz / 0.875V

450MHz / 1400MHz / 0.950V

1020MHZ / 1400MHz / 1.188V

1070MHz / 1400MHz / 1.238V

Except for the voltage in the first mode that is 0.950V, all other values are as they should be (as i read them using GPU-Z).


I uploaded screenshots of anything i thought you would like to know here.


I never changed/updated the BIOS of the card, nor ever messed up with overclocking it, although i did change the fan settings to Manual and then to 100% (all the time) since the summer kicked in, and that is a thing i am doing on at least my 3-4 latest cards.

Winter temps were ~30c Idle and i think 66c is the higher i seen (I use HWMonitor to monitor the max temp my CPU and GPU reach when gaming).

Now with 270X fans at 100% all the time, idle ranges from 36c to 47c while just browsing sites (core at 350-450MHz and VDD at 0.95V) and watching Youtube (Core at 1020MHz and VDD at 1.188V when in full screen 1080p). Gaming is much worst, i have seen 78c after a few hours of Dirt Rally, so i try to limit my gaming hours...

Note that my Case is a standard Midi Tower with two 120mm fans in front and one 120mm fan back (plus the 120mm fan of the PSU that also blows out), but the fact that the card dumps the hot air inside the case (instead of out of it like my former Nvidia GTX275) does not help. CPU only reaches ~53c gaming now in the summer, cooled via a Thermaltake Big Typhoon cooler that also draws/dumps air inside the case like the 270X does...


Driver version is 16.20 (More info in the screenshots).



Asus P5Q3 Motherboard

X5460 CPU (Xeon pin mod, think of a Q9650 instead)

Crucial Ballistix 8GB 1600MHz RAM

Corsair TX750W PSU


Sorry for the long post but i wanted to give as much info as possible, and thanks in advance!