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    r9 290 black screen on windows 10, Flash Bios Help or last solution?


      Hello From Perigord In France.


      I have a r9 290 from Sapphire, amd design with this funny and moisy blower.


      This card at 500$ work normally 3 years, i replace the blower by a Corsair h75 aio with the Kraken g10 and add some radiator.

      Work perfect 8mouths in silence ♥.

      My work is to be an Artist and use toutube and game and MY VIDEO CARD049.jpg to make movie and clip; Its my way of life and my desteny!

      A lot of pc crash/update windows 10 after i want to take a fresh start with a new wiondows 7  4bit on my ssd.

      Fail on driver crimson 16.6.1 instal, black screen...

      I try on windows 10 same issue.

      I can't use my pc because of this, i can type a text but impossible for me to have a stable pc on other thing.


      I know im not alone.


      Its not my video card fault

      She have a new thermal pâd,

      I try to underclock it with asus trix, can i have some number magic for the w valor?

      I change the pci port and the graphic card, only problem with 290.

      She works fine on a other pc.

      I Use amd clean uninstaler

      I know how use no echec mod.

      I have try all the things on forum...

      amd 15.11 16.3.2

      Exept the bios flash i have try all the possible things!

      My knowledge stop here.


      My pc its


      A Good Fresh air from Perigord In France Bonjour! here its 23h12

      a i5 750 2700 MHZ on a asus p7p55d pro evo

      12giga (2*4)+(2*2) Veangeance corsair 1600MHz 99924

      a ssd samsun 840 240gigo in C

      Windows 10 64bits maj mars 2016

      .a Video projector in HDMI

      Aureon 5.1 with a GOOD Work sPACE^^

      A Phillips 242el2 on dvi

      Various ecran in vga with display port and dvi adaptator

      A 290 stock from saphire with a aio Corsair h75 and anuber Custom Perso with a lot of Radiator.

      She works! She can Live 42 years again! Bios ( infofrom Gpu-Zon win 10) :

      015 039 000 006 003516


      Driver use by windows...

      Various DD

      All Driver are fresh exept This Gaphic Card who bsod my WORK STATION during instal!


      Which Bios may I try? 033.jpg




      Bios 001.jpggnieuuu 061.jpg


      Plea&se Help me! I will try all your answer même si je l'ai déja fait!


      I have enought problem in my work, for exemple my internet is from the ghetto,

      it take to me 5hours in upload for 1gigo of Video!


      Thank you and i you want take a look or add me;)


      Loutre Poutre - YouTube




      LBR Louytre Berserk Rose Oter Barbarian Pink


          • Re: r9 290 black screen on windows 10, Flash Bios Help or last solution?

            Too late, my graphic card die this night.

            I choose to go to sleep, the BsOd issue ruin my project, so i turn of my pc and quit the room.

            This morning, my card is dead, i dont know how maybe my cat broke it...

            I try all i can, use different configuration, a pc with this card wont boot, no image only black.

            Ok i touch this card ok 1years ago i destroy this blower for a aio and radiator solution.

            It works perfect, i dont overclock it, but one week ago i want for my life project to have a fresh config so i reinstal windows7 64 bits abd Bsod occure,

            I try Windows 10 same,

            I try to modify for the best my cooling solution, same Bsod problem

            But i can use my card a litle on my main pc and perfect on other config.

            But this morning 6hour after her last activity... my card is dead.

            Its really a bad luck for me, i try to be a youtuber and i need a good pc for my video and now...

            I use a 6870 with accelero 2 and 1 gigo of ddr3...

            So i Think i can use my aio on my cpu now?

            Oh shame i Order a Noctua NHD14 4 day ago

            So i have the choice of wich config will have the AIO

            a core 2 duo with 3 gigo of ddr2?

            Or my main With a i5 750 and 12gigo de ddr3...


            Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GNI