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r9 290 black screen on windows 10, Flash Bios Help or last solution?

Question asked by loutrepoutre on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by loutrepoutre

Hello From Perigord In France.


I have a r9 290 from Sapphire, amd design with this funny and moisy blower.


This card at 500$ work normally 3 years, i replace the blower by a Corsair h75 aio with the Kraken g10 and add some radiator.

Work perfect 8mouths in silence ♥.

My work is to be an Artist and use toutube and game and MY VIDEO CARD049.jpg to make movie and clip; Its my way of life and my desteny!

A lot of pc crash/update windows 10 after i want to take a fresh start with a new wiondows 7  4bit on my ssd.

Fail on driver crimson 16.6.1 instal, black screen...

I try on windows 10 same issue.

I can't use my pc because of this, i can type a text but impossible for me to have a stable pc on other thing.


I know im not alone.


Its not my video card fault

She have a new thermal pâd,

I try to underclock it with asus trix, can i have some number magic for the w valor?

I change the pci port and the graphic card, only problem with 290.

She works fine on a other pc.

I Use amd clean uninstaler

I know how use no echec mod.

I have try all the things on forum...

amd 15.11 16.3.2

Exept the bios flash i have try all the possible things!

My knowledge stop here.


My pc its


A Good Fresh air from Perigord In France Bonjour! here its 23h12

a i5 750 2700 MHZ on a asus p7p55d pro evo

12giga (2*4)+(2*2) Veangeance corsair 1600MHz 99924

a ssd samsun 840 240gigo in C

Windows 10 64bits maj mars 2016

.a Video projector in HDMI

Aureon 5.1 with a GOOD Work sPACE^^

A Phillips 242el2 on dvi

Various ecran in vga with display port and dvi adaptator

A 290 stock from saphire with a aio Corsair h75 and anuber Custom Perso with a lot of Radiator.

She works! She can Live 42 years again! Bios ( infofrom Gpu-Zon win 10) :

015 039 000 006 003516


Driver use by windows...

Various DD

All Driver are fresh exept This Gaphic Card who bsod my WORK STATION during instal!


Which Bios may I try? 033.jpg




Bios 001.jpggnieuuu 061.jpg


Plea&se Help me! I will try all your answer même si je l'ai déja fait!


I have enought problem in my work, for exemple my internet is from the ghetto,

it take to me 5hours in upload for 1gigo of Video!


Thank you and i you want take a look or add me;)


Loutre Poutre - YouTube




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