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EIZO FS2735 and Crimson FreeSync / blur reduction bug

Question asked by petbb on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2016 by kingfish

Hi all,

According to this review there is a bug when enabling blur reduction on FreeSync systems. And I can confirm it.


Normally when disabling FreeSync in Crimson driver it should automatically disable FreeSync mode in monitor but it doesn't with Eizo FS2735! The monitor still thinks that FreeSync mode is enabled and prevents enabling motion blur reduction. To be able to do it I have to disable FreeSync in monitor's firmware administrator menu and then restart Windows 10. If I want to enable FreeSync again I have to repeat whole proces. It's very painful. I've tested Benq XL2730Z and it received a fix in the driver. Now it works as it should - Crimson driver deactivates Freesync in XL2730Z monitor.


Why Eizo FS2735 has been excluded from the fix? Will it be made in the future? Or maybe there is some easy workaround to this?


Tested with Crimson 16.6.1