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    Problem with an R9 295x2


      I have a VisionTek Amd r9 295x2,after installing the latest or even drivers before the latest driver the computer freezes with a black screen and then shows my desktop or parts of the desktop then goes black again. The mouse can move and freezes then can move again. The keyboard stays locked up. Is this a common problem with these cards? Here is my setup. The motherboard is an ASrock Gen 3 Extreme 7 with 16 gigs of 1600 ddr3 ram, the processor is an Intel i5 3570k and the powere supply is a Silver Stone 1500 watt. The OS is Windows 7 ultimate. I have a r9 290 and hasn't given me a problem. Do you have any suggestions?

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          You should try to boot into safe mode and uninstall your driver, boot your system normally and let windows update recognize your graphics card, after that in order to make a first try play LOL to see if the white screen appears again, if it does, install the latest AMD driver and make a test again. I'll wait for your response, meanwhile I'll make some research.

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              From the time I have received this graphics card, I have tried installing drivers  over a period of time over a year, I uninstall everything.  This includes the instructions you posted today.   I have put two R9 290 video cards in my motherboard and used them single and crossfire.  I did not have a problem.  I have installed the AMD 295x2 with one 290 graphics card.  I used the 290 as my primary card.   I installed the drivers for both.  The R9 290 works just fine.  The 295 does not. I look in the Radeon settings.  It showed all three cards.  The 290 plus the two GPUs in 295x2.  The R9 290 showed 1000mhz for the GPU core and 1300mhz for the memory.  The 295x2 showed 0 mhz for the GPU core and 0 Mhz for the memory on each GPU, with crossfire enabled and when it is not.  I tried making the 295x2 the primary card.  When I switched, the problem of the blinking black screen begins.   I managed to use my mouse to change the R9 290 back as the primary.  So I tried it again alone without the R9 290.  When I completely uninstalled all AMD software ( I use the AMD- Clean- Uninstall and I've used it in past installations) I reinstalled the latest Crimson driver.  I installed it manually. I usually install manually anyway. When installing an error window popped up up and said "Radeon settings: Host Application has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program".  I clicked ok and continued installing. When it got to installing Display drivers this took an extremely long time to install.  It finally installed everything successfully and told me to restart the computer. When I clicked the restart icon. The Radeon setting error popped up again and said "Radeon settings: Host Application has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program".  I clicked ok. I had to manually restart the computer.  Before I restarted, I went to the device manager and look at my display adapters.  in the device manager, under display adapters, one GPU for the 295x2 had the exclamation icon and said there was a problem with this  device "This device cannot start" code 10 error. So I disabled this one. I then restarted my computer. It loaded fine but the audio was disabled, as if it had not been installed. I got an error window this time it was a different error from the Radeon Settings. It said " Failed to create OpenGL context for format Q Surface Format (version 2.0, options QFlags(), depthBufferSize 24, redbufferSize -1 green BufferSize -1, blue BufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize 8, stencilBufferSize 8, samples -1,swapBehavior 2, swapInterval 1, profile 0) This is mostly caused by not having the necessary graphics drivers installed. Installed a driver providing OpenGL 2.0 or higher, or, if this is not possible, make sure the ANGLE Open GL ES 2.) emulation libraries (libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll and D3edcompiler_*.dll) are available in the application executable directory or in a location listed in PATH".  I know this shows a driver problem, but if while installing I get a Radeon settings problem error and again when I click restart after fully a sucessfully installed statement  appears and one GPU is has a code 10 error.   Could this be a faulty GPU? I tried installing with the one GPU disabled. The drivers installed successfully.  Then when I clicked restart an AMD Install Manager window popped up and says "AMD Install Manager has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program".  I clicked close the program. I restarted the computer. It booted up find with sound.  It is when I try opening Radeon settings app,  it tries to load and does the black screen freeze episodes like before. It then kind of cleared up, it showed in the task bar that Radeon settings app was open. I did not see it is opened, but where it should be opened, I moved the mouse cursor over that area and it turned into the hand icon. This tells me that the Radeon settings application is open, but is not visible. I then clicked on a GPU-Z this is where it begins the black screen and blinking more frequently, however the pauses in between the freeze let me click on Sensors. It show the GPU is on full load. This explains cause of the black screen and freezes that happens every time I install drivers for this card.  I realized also that the one GPU is now enabled due to the driver installation. I believe it is that GPU that is messing both GPUs up and giving the 100 percent load. The problem GPU has 0mhz core clock and 0 mhz memory , no  voltage and 0 GPU load. I cant load any games because they crash. The hardware isn't working properly for it to load graphics . I do not have any problems with any other AMD graphics cards. This includes, the two R9 290s with and with out crossfire mode enabled, R9 270x and an HD 7970 single or pairing together in crossfire mode.  The problems that I have explained are a  mirrored repeat from the very first time I tried to install this card with little variation on the end result.


              I have updated 3 motherboards to current Bios,  One board,in my first post, is the Asrock z68 Extreme 7 gen 3 with 16 gb of 1600 ddr ram and an Intell I5 3570k .  The other board is a Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 7 with 16 gb 1600 ddr3 ram and an Intel I5 4690k. The third board is a MSI 970A-G46 with 8 gb of 1600 ddr 3 ram and an AMD  FX 8350.   I have tried it on Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, Windows 10 professional 64 upgrade, I have tried it on Window 7 Ultimate 32 bit as well.   I have tried all AMD drivers including betas and tried this last Crimson Beta 16.6.1 with no avail.  The power suppy used is a Silver Stone Strider Series Low Noise 1500w, using 2 indempendat 12v rails.  Even though I have installed this card on multiple Windows OS's , I have the same  issue across the  board. 


              I am sorry this was such a long winded response

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              I am really at a loss as to what the issue is. The trifire set up should be possible without any issues. It was done here by HARDOCP - Running TriFire Three GPUs - AMD Radeon R9 295X2 and XFX R9 290X DD TriFire Review. Although they were using old AMD Catalyst 14.4 Beta Drivers. Since you have tried this on multiple set ups I can only assume that something might be up with the GPU, have you tried to just run the GPU by itself and see if it causes any issue?


              EDIT: Sorry, just noticed that the 295x2 solo was giving you problems. I think you might have a bad GPU.
              EDIT2: Did more research, some people are saying that Win7 is the culprit and that it worked fine on Win8 and Win10, odd. Any way to test it on a Win10 system? This might be the cause (noticed that the HARDOCP was running Win8.1 64bit for their set-up).

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                Install drivers with the 290 plugged in then take it out and plug the 295x2 in.


                If that doesn't work then plug the 295x2 into another PCIe slot on you board then install drivers again, afterwards place it in your desired PCIe slot.


                Again if those two methods don't work then install Catalyst 15.7.1 using the above methods.


                Source: I own a 295x2 and it's a PITA somedays


                feverstriker Win 7 isn't the issue, I've actually had more trouble on Win 8.1 and 10 with the Crimson drivers.

                And if none of the above work then my guess is simply a bad card.

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                    Thank you  for responding to this issue.  Thank you also tekcem and  feverstriker.    It did not work for me. I did that in the past, but did again just in case. I think it is a faulty card. Reason why I came here looking for answers the technicians from Visiontek told me that isn't a hardware problem, but insisted repeatedly that it is a driver issue. That there is no need to RMA it. This after explaining them the same posts that I posted here.  They even suggested to contact Microsoft. Which I find waste of time.  It is clear to me that AMD has not had this issue caused by drivers.  If it is a driver issue I hope someone who has this or a similar problem can shed more light on me to get this card working for me.  Here is their last post.  I took their names off to keep from looking like a personal attack. The tech also tells me that because I had no problem with my other cards is because they communicate with the system in different ways.    As far as I know the R9 series of AMD cards are pretty much identical on the PBC boards and still communicate the same through PCIE.   The shader count and the clock speed are the only true differences. 


                    Hello Skeeter,


                    As ----- mentioned previously, this is most certainly a software issue that replacing the card simply will not fix. Your best course of action would be to contact AMD directly and give them any error logs you have. I would even recommend contacting Microsoft, as the error with the exclamation point over one of the cards in Device Manager could very well stem from an error within the Windows operating system.


                    There just doesn’t seem to be any indication here of it being a hardware issue relating directly to the card itself. I understand you have other card setup that work within this system, but each card is different and will communicate with the system in different ways. The 0 MHz issue is definitely an issue with the drivers not being able to read the sensors on the card correctly, which will in turn cause the drivers to crash as it cannot process its own mistakes correctly.


                    At this point in time, we have exhausted all of the steps we can offer in the troubleshooting stage, and we do not see any indication that an RMA would resolve any of the issues you are experiencing. As I said, your best course of action would be to escalate the issue directly to AMD or Microsoft to see if there are any known driver conflicts with this particular card and system set up, as well as any fixes they have available.


                    Thank you,


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                        I agree with the VisionTek rep, it is most definitely a driver issue and not a hardware one as they explained since the GPU is in fact being detected just not properly.

                        I cannot say as to why it isn't being detected but as I explained before I have had the same issue with my 295x2 and it was fixed using the steps I outlined above.


                        If those steps do not work for you then I cannot offer anything more, Sorry :/

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                            Is it  definitely a driver issue? I have tried every driver since this card's inception.  Where is the driver that does work? 

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                                It's not anything to do with a specific driver but sometimes it can be how the install takes place (not your fault) or which PCIe slot the GPU is in for example.


                                295x2 second core derp.PNG


                                Take this screencap for example, this is from my own rig (some time ago now) and you can see that suddenly the driver stopped detecting the second core.


                                The only other possible suggestion beyond what I have already is the disable ULPS either using MSI afterburner or via reg edits (Afterburner is easier).


                                Actually you could try and flash the BIOS on the 295x2 but it's not something I'd recommend unless you are confident in it.