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16.6.1 and hdmi audio for second screen (tv) problem [solved]

Question asked by gaiden on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi, I have a Powercolor r9 390X, with a LG DVI connected monitor and a LG TV 32LG2000 HDMI cloned.

Since 16.6.1 I can not  get audio on TV...when I select "sound devices" in windows 10, it takes several seconds (15?) to show me the devices window...I noticed that my tv is detected as 32LG3000 instead of 32LG2000 now...then I select tv as main audio output but I have no sound at windows sounds, no video players etc...also I noticed, with that audio output selected, VLC videos plays bad, with greys bands and constant pauses... I have monitored my CPU usage when that occurs but all are fine...if I select back my main realtek audio output...then videos plays well and I have normal audio through pc speakers...

No I have no audio at TV and I need It, any help?

Yes, my english is bad and I know...sorry for that.


EDIT: Solved using DDU and a fresh install.