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virtual super resolution wont turn on

Question asked by amplenickel4262 on May 28, 2016

Hello. I have dual R9 290's. I've always been able to use Virtual Super Resolution. But since 16.2 driver EVERY single driver since then when I install it, whether over top of old one, uninstalling older and fresh install driver, whatever combination when I go into my display settings in Crimson VSR is turned OFF. No matter how many times I click it, it does the usual Windows sound and screen flashes on and off like normal, it still stays greyed out OFF. I simply cannot get VSR to turn on for the life of me and it was NEVER a problem before 16.2. Kind of hate playing games with a 3 month old driver when half a dozen have been released since. Luckily I'm not playing any newer demanding games lately so haven't needed driver updates  BUT I would love to find a fix for this problem. I'm using an HDMI television by the way and it HAS and DOES work with driver 16.2 or below.



Windows 7

i7 4770k 4.3 Ghz
2- R9 290's

16 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz RAM

ASUS Z-97 A USB 3.1