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Why is the latest catalyst driver not available for my APU? (Need latest drivers for HTC Vive compatibility)

Question asked by djterrum on May 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2016 by djterrum

I have an MSI GX60 3CC Destroyer. The APU drivers (named VGA on their site for some reason) are incredibly out-of-date on the MSI website (and only available for Windows 8.1, even though my laptop is Windows 10). So my only option is to get the official drivers from AMD.


The APU is an R9 M290x, and when selecting 'Notebook Graphics > Radeon R9 Series > Radeon R9 M2XX Series > Windows 10 64-bit' it gives me the latest 16.5.3 Hotfix and the 16.3.2 - fantastic! Yet when I attempt to install any of these, it says about it being incompatible with my onboard graphics. So I try to continue the installation anyway - sure enough the drivers don't work and Windows won't show the cards or their proper names, rendering this driver incompatible to me.


I'm fully aware the R9 M290x is a 'rebranded' 8970M (even though, from what I research, the R9 M290x is actually slightly better than the 8970M) but even when I select 'Notebook Graphics > Radeon HD Series > Radeon HD 8xxxM Series > Windows 10 64-bit' it shows the exact same drivers as above. Which are, yet again, incompatible.


So as a last resort I used the auto-detect feature. Which was great as it detected it all for me flawlessly, but it's offering an outdated one as the 'best driver for the device', which is the 15.7.1 drivers. It detected my processor as an 'AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon HD Graphics'. Using this driver works great - but it's outdated so it doesn't support my HTC Vive.


Therefore my question is, why isn't the latest driver available to me? AMD should be updating their drivers to work with all GPUs and APUs, otherwise I just pointlessly bought a HTC Vive for nothing. Steam/HTC support are unable to provide assistance as they will only help with the most up-to-date drivers.


Hope I can get the help I need. Many thanks!