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R9 380x stuttering, late texture loading.

Question asked by rs786 on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by rs786

I am having some problems with my sapphire nitro R9 380x. First of all, textures in some games such as black ops 1 and gta v, will only load until i come close enough to them or pass them. For example in black ops, the words on the nuketown bus will only show up if i walk up to it which is extremely annoying. Same thing in gta v where light poles will only come up till i come close enough. Another problem i am having is stuttering. In mostly all my games, this card stutters for a second and then works fine until another stutter happens shortly after which is really frustrating to play with. In simple games like cs go i stutter a lot going around corners at 300 fps!!?!!??!! I never had these problems with my old nvidia card, where my game play was buttery smooth.


My specs are:


16gb ram

750 watt psu

asrock z97 pr04 mobo

samsung 850 evo ssd

Sapphire nitro r9 380x