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    First PC build



      This is my first attempt at building a computer sorry if it looks amature because it is.







      CPUFX 8370
      MotherboardMSI 990FXA Gaming
      MemoryHyperX Fury 1866 DDR3
      GraphicsNone at the moment still saving up for it
      Disc Drive 1PNY  CS1311 240GB SSD
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3
      CaseinWin GT1
      Monitornone yet will probably hook it up to my tv for now
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          That's a good looking piece of Tech, but what about your graphics card ?, is this still an in process project ?

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            For a first time build, this looks really good. It is always good to see people getting into building their own rigs. I look forward to seeing what video card you get.

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                Thinking of the GTX1070 due to the 379price point but that comes out on June 10th but I want to game with this pc so badly that since I get paid once a month on the 3rd when I get paid I may just try to pick up someone's used MSI R9 390x 8Gb since the black and red would match my tower the only down fall is my fan one is red in the back the other 4 are blue, but I'm just excited been buying parts for this computer since last year being on a budget sucks but at least I don't have to spend as much as Intel users.

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                Very nice build so far.  I also went with the 8370 and Wraith for my build.  Love it so far.  I have an old hand-me-down NVIDIA Quadro 600 to get me something due to lack of integrated graphics.  Although, I got extremely lucky and won the week 1 contest and now I have an R9 390x on the way.  Can't wait.  Monitor will be my next thing on the list to get.

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                  Sweet build, nice an clean and you have some great hardware. you did great for your first build

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                    +  Good PSU Choice

                    +  Good GPU choice since you've chosen the 390.  However, Polaris is about to launch, you may want to see if there's an upgrade option to allow you to go to the RX-480.  Supposed to deliver similar performance to the 390, with less power needed and retailing at $200 I think.  You might at least get a partial refund on the 390 if it causes the price to drop.

                    +Solid Motherboard/CPU/Cooler/RAM choices.  I also like that you've stuck with air cooling.  So many people water cool when they don't really have a need for it and I find fans to be more reliable than pumps.  Just as quiet too, if built correctly.  There are some legit reasons to consider liquid cooling, but too many people do it arbitrarily.


                    -Cable management.  You may be able to reroute some of these cables and hide them behind the motherboard tray, but it's possible your case may not allow you to do that.  I can see that you've tried though, and the end result is not bad, but I think you could do better if you took another shot at it.

                    -If your front hard drive cage is removable, remove it.  You're not using it and it's just blocking air from the lower intake fan.

                    -I doubt you'll need that optical drive these days.  Remove it unless you have a good reason not to, and you can reduce the interior cabling it uses, as well as give your PSU a little bit of wattage back. 


                    Overall, nice first build.  You chose quality components, made some degree of effort in cable management, and everything looks good.

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                        Thank you for you input. I have 5 fans in it right now and the only reason I have the Optical drive is for some of the things my kids have to do at school require them to burn CD's sometimes, and the HDD rack is remove-able however it is what holds my SSD's, I did remove the the second cage though, and my case isn't really letting me cable manage to well on the back side of the MB its a really tight fit. I'm going to try and redo it though when my secondary SSD  and video card come in.

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                        Looks good, the red scheme is nice. Honestly looks like a nice fit for the new RX 480 due out on June 29'th.

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                            Thank you, I was going to pick one up but I couldn't wait any longer so I figured that realistically  I would pick up the R9 390x as it has been out for sometime so the divers should be good with all the games I'm looking to play, I do however like the lower power consumption on the RX 480s so this may very well be the card I jump to next year dependent upon what other goodies AMD drops on the Market over the coming months like ZEN and the HMB2 GPUs.

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                            VERY nice for a first build.


                            Just a key piece of advice - if you are going to display the insides, cable management is what separates an ok build from a great looking one, not to mention can help with case air flow.  But I'd say you are already well on the way of rocking it!