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Radeon HD 7800 being detected as Radeon 3000

Question asked by jamesbarton14 on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by luperdye

Hi all, hope someone can help.


I've recently replaced my motherboard and CPU and had to do a clean install of Windows 10, which I have since upgraded to the latest version.


Unfortunately my Radeon HD 7800 (which was running fine before the change) is now being detected as a Radeon 3000 and performing poorly.


I have tried to update drivers from Windows Device Manager and also by downloading the various Crimson tools from here but they all seem content to think that I have a 3000 installed.


Here is my device manager list and my system as read by the Speccy programme (which by the way detected the HD 7800 before I made my hardware changes) : 


Device Manager.jpgSpeccy.jpg


When I try to use the Crimson tool (which downloads however I try to select my drivers on the AMD website) I get the following.


Hopefully you can make out that there doesn't appear to be offered a driver for my 7800 - then there is an error in the installation - then the log seems to show that the HDMI audio driver is failing (but perhaps more importantly it is still seeing the graphics card as the Radeon 3000)


Installer Series.jpg


My old CD which came with the graphics card will not run properly in Windows 10 - when I run it in compatibility mode it goes through the driver installation process but with the same result - ie that I have a Radeon 3000.


Hopefully this is enough information to go on - any help would be much appreciated.


I've just spent a fair bit of money trying to upgrade my processor for gaming purposes and now my graphics card is failing me!