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    Cannot install AMD Crimson 16.3.2 Win10 64bit drivers.


      I downloaded the drivers manually from the AMD website. AMD Install Manager gives me the following error when trying to install 16.3.2 drivers: "An exception ocurred! Type:RuntimeException, Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=" Then when I hit okay, I get a second error message: "No installable components. Contact AMD for assistance."


      I tried uninstalling the previous Radeon drivers, got errors during that as well- ended up having to boot into safe mode and use DDU utility to finally uninstall them. That's why I am currently running windows basic display drivers. I hoped that would fix the problem and allow me to install the new ones- but nope!


      vid card: R9 380 4GB (primary)

      cpu: AMD A10-7850K (Radeon 7 integrated graphics, secondary)

      mb: MSI A88X-G45-GAMING (MS-7900)

      sys: Desktop, Win 10 64bit, currently using windows basic display drivers, 16GB ram installed

      monitors: 2 HP LCD monitors, 1440x900 60hz, DVI connections (both)


      Any help is greatly appreciated. This is driving me up the wall.