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    Musik Machen



      High Powered, inexpensive Music Production Station


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      CPUAMD Viscera 8-Core 4.0
      MotherboardMSI Gaming Board
      Memory16 GB
      Disc Drive 11 TB 7200 Seagate Hybrid
      Disc Drive 22 TB 5400 Toshiba
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      CaseCoolerMaster Breadbasket Case w/ 2 Hotswap Bays
      MonitorOne 30" and one 42" TVs
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          What kind of music are you producing?  Care to share any with us?

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              Sadly, I am not much of a Musician yet, so my music is pretty immature.  I have a SoundClound account under DJ StatWerk (I can't remember if it is one or two words, but you can find me there).  For now, I am something of a Musical Technologist.  I am focusing my "Tech Powers" to find powerful, flexible and inexpensive ways to do thier work.  In time I will actually learn how to play instruments, music theory and composition, but for now, I am focusing on helping others learn to do amazing things with little money.  Extremely important because the Industry pummels us with insanely hyped new products all of the time and you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars and really not end up any better off than you were when you got started.


              Check it out, but go easy -- I'm a newbie in this world ;-)

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                  Ain't that the truth.  Plenty of great sounding music can be made with a $60 daw and using the stock or free plugins.  All depends on YOU as the engineer to have the talent to make it work.  Crappy music is still crappy music but you don't need expensive gear to turn out quality work.  I'll check out your tunes. 


                  Welcome to the #AMDRedTeam statwerk

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                Now I have noticed, there are a good amount of music producers in here.

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                  Nice setup. I played around with Acid Studio back in the early 2000's but thats the extent of my talent unless you include Car-aoke (karaoke in the car).