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FPS drops

Question asked by hammadkhan on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by hammadkhan

Hey guys, I'm currently running games on my notebook, HP Elitebook 8560p, the system specifications are listed below:


-Core i5 2520m 2.5 2.5ghz

-AMD Radeon 7400M series

-4 GB ram


I'm running Crimson drivers. Well, from previous two weeks, I'm experiencing FPS drops. Games run perfect for 10-15 minutes but then it starts fps drops for 5-10 seconds. This happen after every 10 seconds. I've tried many solutions but none worked. The list of games I'm experiencing fps drops are:


- Battlefield 3

- Battlefield 4

- Metal Gear Solid V(my pc is lower than minimum, but it runs perfect for 10 minutes when game is launched)

- Pro Evolution Soccer 16.


I tried the following things:


- Installed Windows 10 from Windows 7.

- Crimson Edition drivers

- Disabled Superfetch/whatever

- Unparked Cores

- Changed power settings

- Turned off ULPS

- Tried running on minimum settings


I'm really worried about this, I hope my card is not damaged as it's not been 1 year since I bought this notebook. Would be really appreciated if you guys help me out of this trouble.