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    DOOM crossfire support 16.5.2




      I have done a clean install of the 16.5.2 drivers and noticed that Crossfire is not working in DOOM. I have a second screen where I can watch the GPU activity from Crimson and GPU-Z and I see no activity in the second GPU. I see the profile under global, is there anything I need to do to specifically to have it kick in? I have tried setting it to AFR-Friendly and saw no difference. I have also ensure I have the game in fullscreen mode. Any insight would be appreciative.


      System Specs


      XFX 295x2

      Win 10 64Bit

      32GB ram


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          Is the game set to run in FULL SCREEN mode?

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            Doom is a OPENGL game, crossfire don't work with OPENGL.


            I have tried everything with games like doom, wolfenstein N.O and O.B (CF profiles, oglAFR and OGLENABLESUPERAA . No one is working.


            bad luck ! I will play this fabulous game with 25 FPS lol

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              Same thing.

              Global settings - single card

              AFR friendly - xfire enabled gets to 1st vid-menu then crashes back to desktop

              1x1 - single card

              AFR compat - same as friendly


              Analysis - Broken!


              Why do I have 2 cards again?


              NEVER AGAIN!

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                I've got the same issue too. I installed the new 16.5.2 drivers and I have MSI Afterburner running on another screen but there is no activity on that second GPU. I see benchmarks on the web that indicate Crossfire indeed works. For example:



                So what's up? Anyway got crossfire working with Doom? And, yea, why does AMD provide a profile for Crossfire if it supposedly doesn't work?

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                    Hey kace36,


                    In the tests they conducted it was determined that Crossfire offered no advantage, nor disadvantage in regards to multi-GPU scaling in comparison to single card configurations of the same family/series. This is likely due to Crossfire being disabled via the Radeon Crimson drivers default Crossfire profile settings. Neither using the current hotfix beta drivers, nor any previous Crimson or Catalyst driver version will enable Crossfire regardless of any Crossfire profile settings applied including Alternate Frame Rendering Friendly, Optimize 1x1 or Alternate Frame Rendering Compatible.


                    The only possibility of DOOM receiving Crossfire compatibility with positive scaling is a direct solution from AMD and ID Software themselves. Let's wish for the best.

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                          Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing myself. In the least, why they haven't addressed the AMD community as to the status of an upcoming fix to resolve performance issues. Silence always worries me, as it usually means it's a known issue that goes unfixed like Fallout 4's performance issues on AMD cards. So, I'm hoping they're hard at work on something, because DOOM fans using AMD hardware deserve better then this. We've waited over ten years for a new release and many of us have paid top dollar for high end systems specifically built with DOOM in mind, only to be forced to lower settings to an unacceptable level.


                          If I wanted DOOM to look and perform like a console version, I would have purchased an Xbox One. Aside from single GPU users getting better performance with DOOM, AMD really has to start justifying the existence of technologies such as Crossfire to users like ourselves who possess multiple high end GPU's that go completely unused in 80% or more of new AAA releases that matter. DOOM needs to be that release, because this has been the worst year (2015-Current) for Crossfire users in quite some time and we need some TLC from the driver team already, because this is getting pathetic. First Fallout 4 and now DOOM? Unacceptable!

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                              AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Release Notes and drivers

                              • Performance increase by up to 35% on AMD Radeon R9 390 series products in Doom™ versus Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.2(1)

                              Testing conducted by AMD Performance Labs as of May 16, 2016 on the AMD Radeon™ R9 390, on a test system comprising Intel i7 5960X CPU, 16GB memory, AMD RSCE 16.5.2 and AMD RSCE, Windows 10 x64 using the game Doom™.  PC Manufacturers may vary configurations, yielding different results. At 1920x1080 AMD RSCE 16.5.2 scored 70.29 and AMD RSCE scored 95.11 on the AMD Radeon™ R9 390, which is 35% faster performance.

                              Included Highlights:

                              • Support for:
                                • Oculus Rift™ SDK v1.3
                                • HTC Vive™
                              • Updated Crossfire Profiles available for:
                                • Hitman™
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                                  Well, did a complete uninstall and clean of 16.5.2 and installed,

                                  Though it sais up to 30% performance increase on R9-390 ( I run crossfire 390x's) I see no noticable framerate increase on either defalt or AFR friendly. 2nd card still sits at solid 300 mhz with 0% gpu usage. Where 1st was at solid 1050mhz with 16.5.2 it is now all over the place with the hot fix and introduced some minor stutter, not bad but intermittent.

                                  Swing and a miss.

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                                    Hi King.

                                    I dont know if you recall but do you Remember when i posted my article here about DOOM and AMD drivers ?

                                    At that time you said that AMD drivers already support DOOM in beta and that performance was good.  That was back in 19 April 2016 11:06:05



                                    Well here we are , and AGAIN  AMD just keeps dropping the BALL when it comes to the IMPORTANCE of how gamers , specifically those whom buy NVidia GPU's see the AMD as just weak.  They are led to believe (and rightly so) that NVidia has the best drivers and are the ONLY ones capable to release them for any title.

                                    It is a shame that AMD STILL do not understand the significance of how important "Image" is in the  Gaming WORLD.

                                    Fanboys or whatever you want to call them only see what they are told and then made to BELIEVE.

                                    So  in this respect AMD is/has failed time and time again.   Look at AMD's last CES event and tell me that it was " exciting '  ?

                                    Compare AMD's CES event to  Nvidia PAX in AUSTIN, Texas and though some what cheesy and over blown it was more interesting then AMD's event to watch.


                                    Point is AMD really NEED to start to make there image including PR events MORE interesting , even if you have to be comical as Nvidia does.

                                    Unless AMD can deliver some great price performance GPUs with Polaris  for a really low price  it is going to be a very very bad year for AMD.


                                    I dont know if the rumors of Vega to be released in OCT of this year are true but  if they are not , it is going to be another Win for Nvidia in the minds of Gamers just like they did with Gaming Companys with there Gameworks over the last couple of years. AMD is sleeping at the wheel.


                                    The Tech sites are about to explode in a few hours ALL over the Web with the NDA lifting on the GTX Reviews.  Marketing at its BEST.

                                    And AMD  is nowhere to be seen or heard of.

                                    Same old story.


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                                    I trust you wont read this as a mindless dig from me savagebeastzero.

                                    My understanding is on both sides CrossFire and SLI are used by less than 1% of the PC market and its possible both AMD and nVidia in the long run will phase it out, or lower the priority of resources spent on it. That said, there is speculation on Navi as AMD with as little info as we have on it have mentioned "scalability" so it could also go the other way and CrossFire becomes a priority again.

                                    I do see your frustration having read your Steam review for the game, that without kissing bottom is very good btw.


                                    I wonder if there is a work around like back when Wolfenstein didn't have a CrossFire profile but you could apply the OpenGL profile with a few setting maxed out to force it. Worked wonders. But hopefully AMD have something in the works and can deliver with haste.



                                    Almost forgot, with DX12 and Vulkan it will be down to the developers to make use of CrossFire rather than AMD and its drivers. Going back to that 1% part, its likely many game developers wont be putting in the extra work to make use of multi GPU setups. That said the Navi "scalability" quote contradicts this a little. It will be interesting to see how the industry is going to turn out in the next few years. Not that any of this has to do with Doom and a DX11 CrossFire profile but throwing it out there, sorry for going a little off topic

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                              According to Tiago Sousa, Nvidia is preparing a driver hotfix which will correct SLI issues with their DOOM driver and will provide Nvidia SLI users with positive scaling in the next few days. Is the AMD driver team giving Crossfire users some love with a hotfix driver that provides positive scaling for us as well? It's been a terrible DOOM launch for AMD users, but if a hotfix driver not only provides single card users acceptable performance, but also contains a Crossfire profile that actually works, it might just be the Band-Aid Crossfire users have needed for quite some time now.


                              If so, is there an ETA? The AMD/DOOM community across the net is pretty livid about this one and I can't blame them. I honestly haven't seen an AMD community outcry like this in quite some time.

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                                  Late May/ Early June maybe.


                                  There is Computex so yeah, i think late may.

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                                    CrossFire is not available on that game engine, it's unfriendly towards AFR.

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                                        I know it isn't matt (sniffle), I know it isn't (sniffle). Just one of those moments that I threw all my technical knowledge out the window and decided all I had left was praying to invisible deity's, because...you know...DOOM.


                                        I will say this though...I noticed you hadn't responded to me over the past few days, until you released the hotfix beta driver that just happened to increase my overclocked performance in DOOM an average of 42%, all the while now being able to enable those pesky shadows from low to Ultra, while maintaining minimum frames above 76 per second in even the most intensive of areas!


                                        Smart move, well played ma boy! GG


                                        checkmate by matt.png

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                                          Hey amdmatt - Will the upcomming Release of Vulcan as API change something on the availability of multi GPU on this title? Also if AFR is not supported, how is Team Green implementing SLi Support?

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                                          AMD only cares about consoles, they could care less  about pc gamers with crossfire(even though they advertise it) so yeah that sucks. i got a whole rig with 3k+ dollars worth of equipment all AMD except the liquid cooler and the PSU. Im starting to see that AMD will ruin pc gaming and nvidia is the Pc master race because they are not focusing on crappy consoles. i played doom on the ps4 version and the game does look blurry and in 1080p at 60fps because of the lower graphics but some how AMD equipment on consoles are able to run newer games without problems and we PC gamers that pay top Dollar have to worry about drivers and wait for the right driver from AMD. Im starting to think that Nvidia might be the better choice in the Pc enviroment  because there is no future with AMD (have been a loyal fan for a long long long time since ATI) Nvidia has their drivers all correct and games on pc use Nvidia optimized features that only PC can get because console won't ever get what nvidia is offering on pc. Even street fighter 5 has no multi gpu support with AMD but Nvidia enabled their SLI for top performance. SO im wondering WTF AMD taking our  money right?

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                                          install DirectX additional contente that is on Doom ingame folder


                                          For run better take shadows to low, and look a tutorial to remove mouse smooth from game


                                          The game is so buggy, do you have sound??

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                                            Anyone try out the hotfix on DOOM?

                                            Any reports on issues?

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                                              It's really frustrating not knowing if they are even thinking about supporting Doom with crossfire. If they're not going to do it because reasons then I'd like to know. If they are going to do it then I might consider putting my play-through on hold so I can do the campaign with maximum graphics at a later date. We didn't spend copeous amounts of our hard-earned cash for 50% performance. Or worse not playing it at all in the hope a patch will come out soon.


                                              I've learned my lesson with crossfire. If we get no feedback soon on these issues I'm going to sell my 2x R290's and get the new GTX1080.

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                                                  I'm actually getting decent performance now on just one of my Gigabyte Windforce 7970s.


                                                  At 2560x1440 and high settings (with only fxaa on) I'm at 50-60fps pretty solidly. Occasional drop to 40fps.


                                                  That being said I'm pretty much done with AMD cards. So tired of dealing with Crossfire issues. And the whole crimson driver situation that also caused even more xfire issues. It's such a thorn in my side dealing with if a game is going to be supported properly and I basically have a wasted video card in many cases. I too am seriously considering now to grab a GTX 1070 when they come out in a couple weeks. Going back to 1 card either way though. Personally I think xfire and sli are both a pain and I'll never go back to dual graphic cards after this. Total hassle.

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                                                    Their previous title, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (released 5th May 2015), still has no crossfire support. I've read of people forcing it with drivers Catalyst 14.4, but there was apparently no performance increase.


                                                    Perhaps Vulkan will save us before we have to change team?

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                                                        I also run crossfire, and before i bought the second card i was aware that i was completely dependent of the game producer/engine to have my system  fully operational. For exemple 3dmark does a great job at that and on the other hand bethesda doesnt really care about multi-gpu..

                                                        If you look at ubisoft they clearly stated that they dont care about pc gaming, they are making games to run at 30fps. And this is explained by last games number of pre-orders, for exmpl The division 650.000-xbox, 650.000-ps4, 70.000-pc..Doom is also a game made for consoles and adapted on PC..

                                                        Even if you go SLI will  the result be diferent? Nvidia is the less trustworthy company i know, even for its hown customers (gtx295, 780, 970,...)

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                                                            how is nvidia not trustworthy they are not the ones supplying the consoles with their hardware. Nvidia gets way better performance for games on day one and on, while AMD is focusing on consoles and forgetting about multi gpu support and optimization on all games on pc.... this is frustrating really. I use AMD and with top notch high end cards its all a joke seriously...i feel like i wasted my money on my rig.... what a shame.. a  760 was even able to beat the r9 390 on doom performance .... What a joke.

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                                                                im a pc gamer since the time of voodoo2...i dnt trust nvidia why?? because i bought a dual gtx295 with 2 pcbs on a date and some months later they released "finished" version of the same card with 1 pcb, far better temp, power consption, my card insta became garbage on market. Gtx 970 sells has 4gb of vram but can only make use of 3.5gb. Even for nvidia true fanboys they are bad, do you wnt 4 way sli? so go buy titanx the more expensive gpu, the other cards hv software barrier to 3 cards sli max...Nvidia gameworks, lets spend $ on game producers to use pixels that make amd cards look bad...But if confirmed those 1080 benchamrks 2xperf+3xefficncy, it means tht they have hold technology from their customers last year, making people buying in 2015-2016 gtx9xx nvidia gpus with no dx12 support

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                                                                    The amount of money they are spending to get people talking about the 10xx is clever and its working but very annoying, and people will get burnt when 6 months later that GPU becomes 2nd rate. Considering the size of the die it will be a very expensive GPU to begin with, and these wafers are the defective ones until they have the process optimized, then comes your Titan equivalent. But due to the hype created nVidia are set to make a lot of money doing people over with their aggressive marketing strategy.


                                                                    The smart money would wait, but by that time (end of 2016/early 2017) Vega will be out and hopefully AMD can give a good right hook back.



                                                                    The 2x performance improvement is in fact VR. Although talk of the town is a little misleading.

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                                                                        " Vulkan MGPU support will be handled by the developer.

                                                                        I can only comment about CrossFire, you would need to direct that question to NVidia. "


                                                                        Wait , what ?

                                                                        I need to ask Nvidia your competitor if Vulcan API will support multi GPU on AMD GPU's ?

                                                                        I'm i missing something here ?

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                                                                            Hey kroms,


                                                                            No, what tomtalk24 means is that you would have to ask id Software or more specifically Tiago Sousa the Lead Rendering Programmer of DOOM if whether Vulkan multi-gpu will be supported or not when they transition DOOM to the Vulkan API.

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                                                                                So when they transition to Vulkan API  if it does not support multi GPU then it should not support it for AMD or NVIDIA.

                                                                                Or is this going to be another BS Gameworks or  Developer deal  where AMD users again get left out in the Cold.

                                                                                Again this is a real Issue that AMD needs to do something about.

                                                                                It is a little perplexing for me.  As i have understood it ,Vulkan has alot of AMDs DNA  in it so you would think this should be a no brainer that Dual GPU's should ge supported for AMD if there is support built into Doom for it.

                                                                                Something tells me we will be talking about his AGAIN once multi gpu support comes out and for some reason Nvidia is support but not AMD , or not initially right away.


                                                                                Lets hope this stuff does not happen again.  After all Vulkan is suppose to is a unified API for all platforms.

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                                                                                    Yep Vulkan is built on AMDs Mantle. But Khronos who developed Vulkan was setup by AMD, nVidia, Intel, everyone more or less. Believe it or not Vulkan has been worked on more by nVidia than AMD. And DX12 has been worked on more with AMD than nVidia.


                                                                                    With both API's you should look at CrossFire and SLI purely as the technology that links GPUs together. Multi GPU support wont be manufacture specific, either you make use of multi GPUs or your don't. If ID Software don't, they have a forum full of hate and possible damage to reputation. AMD just need to make faster and faster GPUs.

                                                                                    Thats where all that talk came from about being able to use a similar AMD and nVidia GPU on the same system, its 2 GPUs, but hardly practical or worthwhile.


                                                                                    Why is Doom not Vulkan anyway?

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                                                                                        Lets be honest here or lets be REAL .....


                                                                                        There is NO WAY , NO CHANCE , no hope in hell that DX12 is not going to become the standard in gaming on WINDOWS.

                                                                                        Why ?


                                                                                        Well, 1 Word................. Microsoft.

                                                                                        Do we really think that MS is going to say , ya  screw DX 12 and lets all get behind Vulkan ...... not a chance.  Nadda.

                                                                                        Ms might as well just stop  marking gaming on Windows and stop making Xbox Consoles.


                                                                                        Microsoft has Huge ties to DX and they are not going to all of a sudden let DX 12 be a none issue in Windows 10  or beyond.

                                                                                        We can all say what we want but UNTILL there is an alternative platform for GAMING  other then WIndows as the industry standard , there is no way MS does not have a say in what happens  on its platform.

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                                                                                  I don't disagree with what you or abi  are saying ..................but...............this is 100%  AMD's fault.


                                                                                  If AMD can't be bothered to put MORE time and Money into MARKETING and hyping there GPU's then hey Nvidia should get ALL the glory and PR they get even if it is  BS.

                                                                                  Say what you will about Nvidia and Hype and all that  BS they put out, no matter how much they are screwing over there customer , they ( people that buy it) still FEEL like they are getting the BEST  GPU money can buy.  NO MATTER how hard AMD tries or even when they put out a better product NVidia still manages to out do them simply because  " GAMEWORKS"  "  DRIVERS "  PR BullSht"  and  Marketing " The Way It's meant to be Played "


                                                                                  2016 and AMD has STILL not learn't this?

                                                                                  After much thought about this , i think i truly get it now.... You see ............ AMD is treating All there shows and or releases like they are talking and reaching Businesses.

                                                                                  When they do a show or announce a product they believe they are sitting in a room with suites and mature peeps and must be 100% professional and come across like they this is out TARGET audience ...50+ mature grey haired adults be it men or woman.


                                                                                  What they need to do is hire a  PR Person that can reach the younger gen and be more in tune with WHAT they want to hear in a demo.

                                                                                  I'm sorry but when you launch a product the last thing you want to do is make is ALL Business like because while you might be thinking that you came across very professional and all the people in suites were a little impressed ( now lets go have some caviar  and martini's )  you have FAILED big time .

                                                                                  The gamers that will be your majority and future have already tuned out and went back to watching twitch or gaming while chatting about how lame and boring the AMD announcement and showing was.

                                                                                  Look at NVidia PAX  DEMO.............while I considered it funny and comical and a joke sometimes at the claims or misinformation from Jen Hsun, it was  meant to be a SPLASH and AWE  and this is why they have so many Fanboys .


                                                                                  In the end AMD still have not got it.

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                                                                                      CrossFire profiles, totally agree. Why Radeon Technology Group hasn't got a department working on them with developers I don't know, or if they do why someone isnt giving them all a kick up the arse. Fail.

                                                                                      Its not even about hiring a PR person for the younger generation, its hiring anyone to just get on with the job of developer relations. Somewhere in AMD there is a box full of game keys from developers probably untouched, Doom is no doubt in the box.


                                                                                      AMD were the first to use 55nm, 40nm and 28nm. AMD where planning 20nm where's nVidia chose to stick with 28nm and plan for 14nm. 20nm never happened and nVidias latest 28nm architecture Maxwell is now much faster and very efficient to what AMD can offer from a single chip. AMD requires dual GPU or multi GPU setups to do better, then fail to support CrossFire properly (you couldn't make it up could you ). This then brings me back to questioning what Radeon Technology has planned for CrossFire.


                                                                                      As for marketing, just look at the 1070/1080. Founder Edition being the reference card (misleading). The 1070 being GDDR5 and the 1080 being the very rushed GDDR5X. 1070 being memory bottlenecked. Both GPUs are rushed out of the door, and amazingly they have pulled it off and it will sell very well and in large quantities. The hype is purely fuelled by Maxwell's success as a powerful, efficient single GPU and the effect they have had on the bias and fairly stupid media they "wowed". 


                                                                                      The faster DX12 and Vulkan are picked up, the less drivers will be such an issue. And I think AMD know that, hence all this.

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                                                                                        He actually meant that you would have to ask nVidia about SLI in Doom.

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                                                                            Honestly the game is already dying its down to 5k peak users a day. This is a massive loss of playerbase. Over 50 percent in the last 30 days. It has less daily active users then Age of Empires II:HD edition.... I wouldnt expect much support from ID for multi gpu as its obviously a one hit wonder and lacks the content and online modes to keep people interested. I willing to bet they are already working on all those reboots they announced at E3. I find Crossfire support is pretty amazing in all the major titles that people play today ive never had a problem and never once regretted crossfiring my 380X if anything i wish i had a 390 and crossfired that. Ive even got Star citizen to work with multi gpu and the game is still Pre-Alpha.

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                                                                                I have more games that have crossfire support versus games that don't have crossfire support.

                                                                                Although lately I've been noticing many new titles not supporting dual gpu at all.

                                                                                I had a tri-fire system at one time and it was just too much heat. Crossfire was a better setup.

                                                                                I'm one of those who say crossfire sure again... but never tri-fire.


                                                                                I don't believe just 1% of gamers have crossfire. I saw once that the average person only has 8 games.

                                                                                Are they customers if they don't buy new games stop at 8?

                                                                                I'm pretty sure the people who have crossfire buy more games than those who do not.

                                                                                It may be a larger customer base than what is believed. But who knows I just look at my library of games and friends who do crossfire as well.

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                                                                                I've only had AMD GPU's and have felt no reason to switch. My 7850 was fairly cheap and played any game I tossed at it pretty well until I got an R9 390 last year and gave the 7850 away with the PC it was in to my sister, and the 390 has been a great card.


                                                                                However, after watching videos of how two rx 480's beat the GTX 1080 in a number of instances, I bought an additional 390 and tried it out. It did elevate the ability to do 4k pretty well for a number of games. But two main problems remained:


                                                                                1) HEAT: Although I have plenty of case fans and have no issues with one card, with a two-card setup the 1st card was going to 85+ C, and when it got there the screen would artifact, etc., so maybe the chips were even more hot on the card. I would try the custom loop cooler method but was unable to make certain my XFX cards from Best Buy were reference PCB's or not. I even tried to undervolt, but it was no help.


                                                                                2) Some of my favorite games are unsupported for crossfire, e.g. Fallout 4 (huge Bethesda fan), and of course the Doom game. I tried other profiles, and one seemed to be working for FO4 (the Crysis 3 profile). But then I realized only one card was working with it, and it wasn't doing badly even though it was on 4K.


                                                                                So I simply re-boxed the 2nd 390, took it back to Best Buy, and got a new XBox One S (mainly for the 4K blu-ray player) and a few games at Gamestop and think I will get more for my money with it than the second card for my PC.


                                                                                Unfortunately, IMO the two card setup can be sweet for some games but will feel like a complete waste of money regarding many others. But the 390 is a great card IMO. I just overclocked my 4690K and the GPU (without upping the voltage), and it runs 1440p games very well. I'll take advantage of my monitor's 4K abilities at some future point with a single card. I'm not upset with AMD even though I wished the two card setup worked much better and realize game producers are a factor, as well.


                                                                                And I feel more confident that AMD won't release drivers that make their cards perform worse as has apparently been the case with the GTX 780 (I got that idea from reading numerous posts on YouTube and elsewhere). Rather, it seems some of the mid to upper AMD cards stay fairly relevant for quite a while. It's unfortunate that AMD doesn't have a card to best something like the 1080 or Titan XP right now, but it's possible some driver changes or something like Vulkan down the road might bring the performance of some cards fairly close.