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Video Wall software and hardware help

Question asked by joeremainz on May 12, 2016
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May I start at the beginning with help designing a video wall PC?


I am building a 5 screen wide projection that needs to be frame synchronised.

So one of your six port cards might be perfect.


What I dont know is what will be playing this media across the outputs.

Does Eyefinity do this?


I very much hope to play either 1 x 9600 1080 60p or 5x 1920 1080 60p files synchronised somehow.

And also importantly is the quality of the output compression. Ideally low to no compression from TIF/TGA sequence etc and 4 channel sound.


Where can I learn more about what can do this in terms of hardware and  software?



really appreataite any help

thanks lot



ps I already use Brightsigns but the compression rate is not good enough for this project

I have looked at Watchout systems but they will come in a $25k+ to do this.

etc etc