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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Maps Broken!


      So in previous drivers Star Wars Battlefront 2 used to work fine with no issues. However the previous few drivers have ruined the experience for me. I'm seeing red backgrounds with the floor being either bright greenish yellow and black with a few patches of the actual terrain textures.

      I wondered if there's any work around for this, besides uninstalling the latest drivers?



      If not, is there a place where I can report this to the team?


      Thanks and have a great day!


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          If you are having a problem with your graphics card, drivers, or a particular game...Please report it to AMD. Keep in mind that the more reports sent to the Catalyst engineers, the more attention paid. This is the only way things get fixed. Note that all issues must be reproducible (this is why specific information is required), and submitting a "Issue Report" is not a invitation to a dialog with AMD. Don't expect a reply. Just report it and encourage others to do the same.


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              Do keep in mind, this game is from 2005. Most engineering resources are dedicated to the A+ titles that are being released at a very frequent pace.

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                  If you have a card capable of using the 14.12 drivers (or possibly the 15.7 drivers too) you can use the atiumd64.dll and atiumdag.dll from those in the same folder as the game exe file as a workaround.  If you download the drivers you will need to use the DOS expand command to convert the files from atiumdag.dl_ and atiumd64.dl_ to their correct names.


                  Bear in mind those driver files will not work for cards released for more modern GPUs which were not introduced at that time.

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                      As amdpete indicated, I was able to find copies of the dlls from a site, add it to the program folder and all seems to work fine now (R390X running the latest drivers/kit other than the local overrides for BFII and D3). Thanks amdpete for specifying two versions that should work, 15.7 is what I'm using now. (Note that it may be coincidence but my fans continue to run high after exiting BFII so for now I'm rebooting the PC when done. I will try the 14.x versions another time to see if that matters.)


                      My only complaint/commentary to AMD is that this is not the first time this has come up for me personally and a quick Googling will show that it is not uncommon. It's foolish to think that people do not play older games when entire gaming sites such as GOG.com, Humble Bundle and even Steam itself markets and sells such games.


                      Would it be unreasonable for AMD to offer a download site with disclaimers, if necessary, such that these files could be downloaded _safely_ and _simply_? Absolutely not.


                      I believe this would not add to AMD's support, engineering, or marketing costs all in all.


                      <further ranting>


                      "Click here to download archived driver or support files and general instructions. These files are provided with no warranty and may void the support policies of your system or software provider. Note support will not be provided by AMD, rather the community here."


                      There can even be a download page intercept that puts another disclaimer similarly or more harshly worded.


                      I wonder how many viruses, adware/PUPs, "DLL manager" purchases and other risks have users experienced due to the constant search users have for these files.


                      I wonder how much AMD's name has been smeared because of the inability for AMD to own up to a simple, direct, no-risk handling for providing these files.


                      Now when I consider the intelligence AMD provides with profiles it saddens and confuses me even further. A simple profile scanner that looks for AMD signed files in the same location as the binary could even offer a "Reset Profile and AMD support files to currently installed default?" and "Reset application's AMD support files to currently installed default?" which could even wipe the files in one of two means and add no additional burden to AMD support and arguably could save time in the organization overall not including marketing and sales.


                      Consider the community that AMD is trying to build. It is an affront that AMD considers so little of their community of enthusiasts, some of which bleed AMD red, that my above recommendations and their concomitant community support forums/stickies aren't being implemented or even considered and that people across gaming sites are forced to share risky files with no central point to keep AMD's own interests as well as the community at heart.


                      With that said, I love AMD, have owned and continue to own a number of their products across platforms. This is just annoying but annoying enough especially after wading through pages looking for links to these files again.

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                  You should mark this as answered from amdpete. If you haven't been able to acquire the files, I can send you a thread that includes links to the files but I'm not sure I can do it through AMD's site or the messaging system.