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    Crasing and RSOD in many games



      im experiencing crashes and red screen of death in many games.Im not able to play games continuosly for atleast 10 minutes

      there is no problem with my graphics card as i checked with msi kombster stress test .my system specs are:-

      amd fx8350 black edition

      Asus strix r9 285 2gb

      adata xpc 1600mhz  8x1 ram

      asus m5AleR2.0 mobo

      cooler master hyper 212x cooler

      3x cooler master jetflow cabinetfans

      cooler master thunder 600w  psu


      my driver version amd crimson 16.5.1

      sometimes the games crashes and a message will come saying the driver has stopped responding and has  successfully recovered


      ps. this occurs heavily in battlefield 4 and the division