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Still no fix for this (screen flicker in 2D, R9 290x)??

Question asked by punkologist on May 4, 2016

Still no fix for this (screen flicker in 2D, R9 290x)??

See the below video, this is exactly what I experience. It is not even present in games. i have trid newer drivers but it doesn't seem AMD even acknowledge the issue.

AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 display corruption 2x R9 290 - YouTube


I have been able to hack a preset in the old catalyst software and have had to skip driver updates (by editing the xml file after reading a guide on another forum some time ago, im still on 15.11). The hack doesn't work on the new software. The preset simply sets gpu core speed to 500mhz rather than the default 300mhz. This prevents the gpu clock from jumping up wen moving the mouse or scrolling on web pages and causing the flickering. Seems a simple issue to fix in a driver but here I am using these very old drivers and likely missing out on any new fixes for games. Will never buy another AMD product again.

Also note my issue is on a single monitor not using eyefinity.