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hdmi subwoofer problem

Question asked by trucker0werner on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by trucker0werner

i got everytime problems to set the audio wright

first i instal amd software included the hdmi audio driver

but everytime there is a problem whit it.


one time i had my center and left rear that where several db's louder than orther channels

now that is fixed, atleast it didn't happend at this moment


but always i have a problem whit the subwoofer.

if i try the subwoofer whit a subwoofer test in youtube, the sound is way to low

but when i test it in playback device it is perfect.


the biggest problem i have is in games. i can't get any good subwoofer effect.

dropping a granate when it explodes it just sound as a missfire, no feedback from the subwoofer. it doesn't do anything.


this happens to me always when i update the drivers or change whit it. after several attamps at this moment i had it fixed monday, what i did i don't know.

but thanks to powersupply that has broken the motherboard changed and so need to reinstal everything.

again no subwoofer feedback in games/apps