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    frame rate cap from 60 to 30 INSIDE the game.


      my system suffering from the following issue.since catalyst 15.11beta and after, fps inside some games, when running at 60 then and without obvious reason drops to 30 and capped there.inside the game.if i look a little right for example it goes and caped again to 60.and i talk for an inch of view every time there is not something at the the point of view to drop the frame rate.it can be to look the same obgect with 5 pixel different angle of view and the frames be 60.and its not system weakness because without vsync on i have 110 frames per secont steady.something is gone bad with the vsync setting in combine fullscreen mode.at window fullscreen the situation is a little better.amd says its a known problem and its under ivestigation.when??6 new driver versions it came out and the problem persists.the games i have problem is: RAINBOW SIX SIEGE,CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3, FALLOUT 4....



      I7 4790 4GHZ

      MOBO;GA Z97M DS3H

      16 GB RAM 1600MHZ

      ASUS STRIX R7 370 4GB

      WIN 10 64 BIT.

      for those maybe says i have weak components for these games i say with catalyst 15.7.1. i was havent that issue.an i do not go back to it because some games does not support it