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AMD Radeon r9 390 G1 Gaming Fan speed and temps.

Question asked by youthmp on Apr 8, 2016

Heyyy , I have a recently bought Gygabite AMD Radeon r9 390 G1 Gaming and I noticed I use to get very high temps (60ºC - 70ºC) with the default configuration of fan speed, wich never activate until I installed an Fanspeed Program (MSI Afterburner) so I could set a custom configuration. I set this agressive imo fan curve (on bottom) for my graphics so I can get in 40ºC temps, they usually run between 50%-70% max fan speed about 10-14h a day. My doubt is: Is it fine for my fan period of life or should I get a lower speed fan curve? Or should I leave custom settings and let fans activate when it's programmed to ? [img][/img]




Bernardo Reis.