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    Problem with HDMI Port and Audio


      Hey Guys,

      first of all sorry for my english


      This is my System:
      Graphics: Sapphire Radeon R9 290x 4GB Tri-X OC

      Driver Version: 16.3.2
      Mainboard: Asrock z77 Pro4-m
      OS: Windows 10 64bit
      RAM: 16GB G.Skill DDR 3


      My setup:
      Samsung Monitor connected with DVI
      Onkyo AV-Receiver connected with DVI-to-HDMI Apdater (official AMD Adapter so Sound works with it)
      Acer P1500 Projector connected with HDMI to Onkyo AV-Receiver


      My first problem is, that when my AV-Receiver is connected with HDMI (5 meters long) to my 290x, iam not getting a image on my projector.
      Only with the original AMD DVI-to-HDMI Adapter iam getting image and sound working on AV-Receiver and projector?


      My second problem is, that in the Windows Audio Configuration menu the "AMD High Definition Audio Device" isnt getting disabled when I turn off my AV-Receiver even though iam completely shut off the power to the AV-Receiver. So I must change the default audio device manually every time when iam changing from couch back to my desk (from AMD Audio Device back to Realtek Sound Device). Bevore the 290x I had a Sapphire Radeon HD6950 and the same currend installed Windows and Configuration and with this it worked perfectly (AMD Audio Device getting deactivated after shutting of my AV-Receiver and Windows automaticly switched default audio device back to Realtek Audio). Also in Radeon Settings the AV-Receiver is showing up (as Display connected to HDMI) when it is turned off.


      I hope you Guys can help me!





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          Your best bet would be to avoid the dongle and use direct HDMI cable.  What happens when you hotplug the projector to the GPU? 

          Does it show up in OS display settings or in Radeon Settings?

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              sorry I provided wrong information my HDMI cable is 10m long from PC to AV-Receiver and the other HDMI cable from AV-Receiver to Projector is 10m long too, so together 20m, but i think the AV-Receiver refreshes the signal

              Iam getting the same problem when the projector is hotpluged to my gpu -> no picture but projector is detected as HDMI device in Radeon Settings.

              The projector attempts to show a picture but didnt get it to work...


              I think the problem is the lenght of the HDMI cable, mybe the HDMI port doesnt provide enoth power for the cable to transport the signal to my AV-Receiver?

              But why is than the AMD DVI Adapter working? And only this one is working! (other cheep adapters without sound functionality didnt work)

              This problem is really curious but with my HD6950 i had the same problem and so long its working with the AMD DVI Adapter iam fine with this workaround.


              But my second problem with the AMD Audio Device is really annoying