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Need help RE-installing latest drivers please

Question asked by morse on Mar 30, 2016
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Please can someone help me -

I uninstalled old drivers, and installed 16.3.2. No problems so far.

I set up Eyefinity using quick setup.

So then I was able to use eyefinity, or discard it and return to my extended triple desktop.

These two options were working fine.

But then I went into Crimson - display/additional information, disabled my eyefinity setup and tried to see if there was any way to create a single monitor preset.

Somehow I ended up with 3 individual (duplicated) desktops, which I did not have before.


Now I am unable to return to the extended desktop.


I uninstalled all AMD software, and reinstalled it, but the problem remains.


Can someone please tell me where in the registry or elsewhere I can delete all information relating to monitors and GPU so that I can return it to  default and start again?


I REALLY hope AMD will update Crimson to have the full choice of monitor selection and presets (eyefinity/extended or single), but in the meantime I just want to get it back to when it was at least allowing two out of the three options.




Win 7 64, R9 Nano, i7 4770k, 8GB 2133RAM, Asus Z87-K mb, 3 x LG 22" 1920x1080 HDMI IPS monitors.